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  1. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    I just have to schedule him out, my schedule has been crazy. Turning it off after every job helps. Eventually it will stop working. I still think MB needs replacing.
  2. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    View My Video Here is the issue I'm having.
  3. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    Well the Pinhead was replaced but still having issues, a tech coming out tomorrow to try and figure it out.
  4. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    USB was changed first. The Gerber software actually has pre installed plotters you can chose from. I only added the updated driver from Graphtec after I started having issues. It's going out to the vendor Thursday for inspection and repair.
  5. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    I did try switching to GPL from Auto and it still errors. I looked on Graphtec site and Montroy Supply in Santa Ana, Ca is a authorized repair center. I have an account with them, so I'll call Monday to see about service. I'll post an update when I know more. Thanks for the help.
  6. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    The HPGL codes go away after I press enter, I can cut several times then I'll get one back in. The hardware errors latch and I have to shut the machine off to clear. The software is Gerber Omega 5.0. The plotter has worked flawlessly for 2 years, I have another setup running the same type plotter and type software with no issues on it. Just one machine giving me problems. As far as shutting it off between jobs, I've never had to do that, but I only cutting basic lettering nothin fancy or design related.
  7. tmalone26

    CE6000-60 help

    I done a reset several times, also delete plotter and reinstalled from PC. The 009,006 say motherboard The 001,002 HP-GL codes ( I really don't understand what they mean)
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some info, by reading some of the other threads I'm sure I'll get the right answer. I have a CE 6000-60 plotter, I stared getting error messages all of the sudden. I can usual get 3-4 jobs cut before they start. E01009 illegal hardware code, E01006 hardware address load error, E03001 HPGL error 1 instructions not recognized, E03002 HPGL error 2 wrong number of parameters. They come in on the plotter in any order. I use Gerber 5.0 software. I've tried reinstalling everything, firmware updates, I just don't know what's up with it. I'm really not educated on plotters and settings. I use it for work cutting basic letters to identify equipment. It's out of warranty and figured I'd start here before I find a service dealer.