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  1. Jaybird, I came across Great source for info and she also has a spreadsheet for pricing (which I am now using).
  2. Jaybird, Do you know of any such guides for Direct to Garment, screen print, heat transfer & embroidery market?
  3. Bill, I have been looking high and low for a price guide for the sign industry. We are a small mom and pop printing company that is expanding into wide format printing & vinyl lettering. Printing has been around for 100 years and price guide have been developed to give one a average selling price which insures a fair profit in order to stay in business (and make a fair living). Is there such a guide for the sign industry? Most calculators want your cost, overhead. ect to figure a price, but that does not give one a average suggested/market price. For example, if the average price for a widget is $50 I do not want to sell it for $35 just because my overhead is low. Any suggestions on how to arrive at that price? PS The email in your read me doc is undeliverable.