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  1. Thanks for the recommendations - I'll give the radius a try and see how that works out. When you do the 4-6pt are you using it for sandblasting or cream? Also, do you have a recommendation on a cutter that may be better suited for the small text? I'm currently using the US Cutter - SC Series Plotter. You mentioned other options, can you give examples of what those might be. I'm ready to try anything at this point that will make this a little bit easier.
  2. Thanks I'll give that a try, I know the blade was new/clean - I had the speed set at 100 or 200 and pressure at 90. There really weren't very detailed instructions with this cutter when I bought it... it's been a machine of trial and error. Any thoughts on the speed/pressure settings?
  3. I have a half a credit card width of the blade sticking out - that's what I use for the larger graphics. And, I did try larger and that was much worse!
  4. I've be working with vinyl graphics for over two years - mostly on a large scale for race cars, signs or window banding. I've recently branched out for etching with Armor Etch cream and haven't run into any problems until now. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help cut the vinyl stencils with small text? The letters are peeling up from the backing paper as the cutter moves on to the next part of the design. The smallest text height is around 0.125 inches - vector drawing and imported as an EPS file to Sure Cuts a Lot 3 Pro. I've tried the following, and nothing seems to help: Both 45 degree blade and 60 degree blade Cheap vinyl from eBay & Oracal 651, 751 The offset looks fine, the letters are all cutting as they should - no extra curves or inconsistencies in typeface. Any and all ideas are welcome, I need to have these items etched by the end of the month to have a little time to spare. Thanks in advance! I've also included the design I'm trying to cut out.
  5. nCotherman

    Suggestions on stencil for Etching cream

    I've used cheap eBay vinyl (scraps from race car graphics) for stencils with Armor Etch as well has Oracal 751 performance grade - it doesn't eat through the vinyl on either type. Good Luck - hope this helps!