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  1. stitchwizzard

    Reflective vinyl

  2. stitchwizzard

    My new Biker tee

    Thank you Merc!
  3. stitchwizzard

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome from Ohio!
  4. stitchwizzard

    Reflective vinyl

    I buy mine from Stahls. The reflectall is a p.i.t.a. but I have used it with success. I like the white the best. But it always seems to curl up so tight it's hard to just get it into my machine! Eats blades like candy too!
  5. stitchwizzard

    Reflective vinyl

    I have done quite a few custom biker tees. This one is in 3M reflective and Siser green glow. Customer says it gets lots of great comments and lets him be seen from way off on the road. I am not sure how many tailgaiters got abducted but, I am sure they don't have any fond memories! Lol...
  6. stitchwizzard

    My new Biker tee

    I have a few designs I would be happy to trade for this one of yours!. Great job!!
  7. stitchwizzard

    Another good use for the Lowes plastic ice melter cans....

    Of course.... I'll have to re-post once I recut with the correct spelling of Squirrel.. Lol!
  8. These are really cheap and finally I have good containers for my birdseed and corn for the critters...
  9. stitchwizzard

    Biker BBQ apron

    I made this one up for my husband's buddy.... Stitch
  10. stitchwizzard

    A couple of fun Tees for contractor friends.

    Dirtrocker, Sure! Have fun and make money with them if you can! Please post so I can see how yours came out. These are for the UScutter forum members to se freely. More on the way..... Stitch~
  11. stitchwizzard

    A couple of fun Tees for contractor friends.

    I lost my vector files in a PC crash but here you go . EASY_CREDIT_TERMS.pdf TREE_HUGGER.pdf
  12. I made these up for a friends contractor service. They got a kick out of them!
  13. stitchwizzard

    I need a blank black or white banner with grommets

    Hey! That makes too much sense! By golly, yes! I did find a Greenstar black banner blank that will work. Thanks for the wake up call!
  14. Hi all, I need to buy a blank banner for which I am making a sign for a friend. 5 feet x 30 or 36" would be great. Black would be best but white will work too. I don't see me ever making another so I can't justify the cost to get set up to make any more. Vinyl decals and tee shirts are a hobby for me. I can PayPal the cost and shipping. Thank you! Joyce~