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  1. CreativePlethora

    New to heat presses. Please help.

    Thank you to everyone for the input.
  2. CreativePlethora

    New Here

    Thanks Hawaii. I decided to revamped the logo a few weeks ago and went with a simple design. Glad it looks OK.
  3. CreativePlethora

    Shipping Small Decals

    I'll add my 2 cents in response to the original post... I actually asked my local postal worker about shipping rules a few weeks ago after I had researched this topic. Apparently, if the envelope weighs under a certain amount and bends easily, it can only be shipped w/ tracking if it exceeds the 3/4" thickness. However, if the envelope is rigid, it's automatically considered a package and is therefore eligible for tracking. The worker also told me to make sure I made those items as rigid as possible if I didn't want them bent, as carriers don't pay attention to "Do Not Bend" stamps. I've heard of people shipping small decals/stickers in regular envelopes to save money. Of course, that leaves room for dishonest "customers" to say they never received it so that they can ask for a replacement or refund and pretty much get a product for free. Personally, I never mail things without some sort of verification, even if it's just to have proof in case the postal service loses track of my item.
  4. CreativePlethora

    New to heat presses. Please help.

    Wildgoose, Thank you for the response. Are there any specific 15"x15" swing-arm presses under $400 that you (or anyone else) would recommend I consider?
  5. CreativePlethora

    New Here

    Hello, I've learned a lot from this site so I finally decided to sign up. I hope to continue to learn more and maybe I'll be able to help someone else in the future
  6. CreativePlethora

    New to heat presses. Please help.

    Hello All, I'm in the market for a heat press and I've been researching a lot on here and other sites for the past few months trying to narrow down my choices. I will be starting out doing t-shirts as a hobby using a vinyl cutter and my own designs but I hope to add sublimated products in the future. I've read that SunIE has entry-level presses that seem to work well. I've narrowed it down to these two.. I know many people start with a 15"x15", but I would like to do designs that cover more than the top half of an adult shirt which is why I'm considering the 16"x20". Are these two good options as a first press? Or should I consider something different? I would like to stay under $400 for the press itself. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions P.S.- I'm sure the Hotronix Fusion is great but it's not in the budget and currently there are no used presses from bigger name brands available on my local CL site.
  7. CreativePlethora

    my latest tee

    Nice. I like how you used negative space in the design.