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    Yes like a silhouette. I have the graphics package for the car itself. I just can't find any. Thanks.
  2. Skull1313


    nobody? looks like this.
  3. Skull1313


    Looking for a late second generation camaro graphic.
  4. Skull1313

    MH-871 MK2

    Well the seiki was old. I heard from some people that the support from us cutter was good. I called seiki once. I don't speak a forigen language. Now I'm thinking of ordering a new motherboard for it and going back to it. I bought the seiki cheaper than the us cutter. I figured more expensive model better features. Again I was wrong. Plus I wouldn't have met all you folks...See what I did there...Lol. Thanks for all your help so far. Carl
  5. Skull1313

    New guy from Boston

    Welcome from Western Mass.
  6. Skull1313

    MH-871 MK2

    Plugged it all in. and it went bezerk doing a test like 30 times. I finally shut off the machine. went back to the usb and it seems to be ok. for now. sigh. I had a seki tech vinyl cutter for 7 years without a problem. I figured it was time for a newer one. I never thought I would have this many issues. So frustrated, no it didn't fix the problem.
  7. Skull1313

    MH-871 MK2

    No laptop here. Its been working. But i did pick up the Tripp-lite adaptor. Mr Skeeter is there a perticular way to hook this up?
  8. Skull1313

    MH-871 MK2

    Signyouup yes its on the right port. I went and bought a usb cable a bit longer to reach where it had to go. TauntDevil yes I have turned it on and off a few times. even waited a half hour just to be sure. I'm going to try it on my laptop and see. I'll keep ya updated. Thanks again. Carl
  9. Skull1313

    MH-871 MK2

    Baud rate is good, stand grounded (I'm a electrician by trade) changed to the lpt1 port with the cable and it still does nothing. I'm going to run some errands. I'll look for one of those adapters. Thanks for the help. If ya can think of anything else I'd appreciate it. Carl
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    New to the forums 15 yrs in vinyl.

    Thank you!!!
  11. Using Flexi 10, everything is set up properly, cuts one day then the next nothing. The program manager says its cutting but the machine isnt moving at all. Cannot find a thread on to why its happening. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Carl
  12. Hello all new to the forums but not new to the vinyl world. Been doing graphics for 15 years. I'm just a small company, its only myself and the shop dog. He's not much help. Looking forward to swapping stuff and helping out where I can.
  13. Skull1313

    graphic stuff