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  1. whasup

    roland sc540

    it's a 6 head printer ..i will have to try again as the test prints in alignment seem to be ok...but as not right will start again when i get the chance
  2. whasup

    roland sc540

    hi again still same problem . i have tried everything..tried to align head from start but still does this ..its strange its just the black as all other colours align to the black..checked all cables as well ..im stumped and may have to pay the money and get some one out ...groan..had this machine for not to long and already spent a lot getting it working
  3. whasup

    roland sc540

    all test prints dont do as in the pic...only doing it with black..new encoder strip.. if i print an image in black it does this ..but if i print same image in red ..its perfect.. could it be the head has had it ..or maybe the way image is sent to printer
  4. whasup

    roland sc540

    hi i have a roland sc 540 ..and yes i know the heads are not to good ..but after a bad head strike i have this problem with double image...i use colour rip on a xp machine ..and make my image in corel draw...i do have a proper service manual for it so have been doing this steep trial and error learning curve ,, but have just no idea what to do aboiut problem? i am in uk have attached pic