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    sublimation printer

    ok, how long is to long to sit around? If i print weekly is that going to be enough or do I need to print something every day? I like the size of the 7110, I don't want to be limited to 8.5 x 11, or buy it then want to get a bigger one in a couple of months. Thanks
  2. goltzp

    sublimation printer

    I have been reading and reading about them for a couple of months, seems like I am more confused.I like the price from cobra inks for $350 on the WF7110. Then i will probably go with a cactus wrap for mugs. Then I can also do dog tags, car tags and light colored poly shirts on my heat press. Just hoping there is not something out there that I have not found out about yet. The ricoh is the SG400? Thanks
  3. goltzp

    sublimation printer

    I am looking to get a sublimation printer. I have been reading about sawgrass SG400 and the cobra ink with WF7110. Any ideas or thoughts on which is better? I have been working with vinyl and HTV and want to add to it, especially mugs. Any advice, pros / cons would be nice