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    mh 871-- 1st pinch roller doesnt slide

    thanks. i used some oil on it then tapped on it n it popped loose. there was a screw on the back that wedged it in place. its working good now.
  2. hi, I bought my cutter about a year ago, havent used it in a couple months. its been stored in my cold back room. so I wanted to cut a few stencils out and now im having nothing but trouble. some grinding- i think the blade was out too far. weird cuts not meeting up where they should. by reading this forum i got all that corrected. so thanks for that! very helpful. but i am still having some slippage. meaning the vinyl is not staying lined up, its pulling to one side. and yes i did mess with the adjustments on the pinch rollers which i shouldnt have. i have the thumb screws lookin bout the same tightness on the back of each roller. what can i do with these to know that its not whats causing the issue? my other question is my cutter has 3 rollers, 2 slide, but the 1st roller is like its mounted in place. AND its not on the grit part. theres 2 pics i uploaded of it. I saw the set-up video for my model and all 3 rollers slid left n right. should mine move to a better spot on the grit bar? video below: 10:04