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  1. I am having no luck cutting the holograph from siser. I have wasted about 5 feet. I have got the blade the right height and when I put in the machine to cut it wont cut it all the way through, or if it does it rips as I try to weed it. Plus cant see to weed it. Any suggestions? What blade do you use? I have titan 2 cutter.
  2. wolfecc

    Help cutting heat transfer vinyl

    What blade do you use?I have tried to increase the presser and still cant get holograph vinyl to cut right.
  3. I am new to the heat transfer vinyl. I recently purchased a titan 53". I cant get heat transfer vinyl to cut right for me. Can some please give me some advice. What blade should I use I am trying to cut sissier glitter and holograph. I can not see the cut marks on the black holograph to try to weed. The cutting is it and miss. I have had no trouble cutting regular vinyl.