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  1. pdoggg415

    need help vectorizing this picure for vynal cutting

    Thank you.I wasn't able to open the file you sent me in inkscape.I will try corel draw when i get home.Would be able to save as a eps file?Seems like I have better luck with those types.I attached another pic.Maybe its cleaner.Thanks again.This is for a charitable organization for children.
  2. pdoggg415

    55 Chevy

    any luck with a vector file?very interested in what your sign come out like.I have been wanting to do a similar project for my dad.
  3. pdoggg415


    what are your opinions about WinPC?thumbs up or down?other affordable options?
  4. pdoggg415

    us marine logos esp

    i am looking for us marine logos in esp format.can any body help?if you can put a preview that would be great.i am at my day job and do not have a way to view.... thanks