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    Howdy from Texas

    Pretty much brand new to the cutter thingy, but couldn't stand to go another day without addressing the local need for high quality vinyl cutting. We added a Laserpoint II 31.5" cutter to our embroidery/DTG/custom rhinestone business. We're both Macbook Pro users and the software seems very familiar in many of it's commands when compared to the versions of Illustrator we use for our design work. I've been a big fan of the T-shirt Forum for several years and KNOW what a great resource these groups can be. Looking forward to picking some brains and really learning the ins and outs of the SCAL 3 software from you heavy hitters !!
  2. mustfly

    Brand new vinyl cutter

    Hey everyone ! I've been a member of the Tee shirt forum for quite some time, as I own a digital garment printing business, but have decided to NOT leave the vinyl market unaddressed any longer. I purchased a US Cutter laserpoint II and the SCAL 3 software (came with it). It's seems very straight forward, with many functions/commands that are already familiar to me on my Mac. The wifey and I both use Macbook Pros and wouldn't switch back come hell or high water. I design with Illustrator CS3, she with CS6. We are both in the baby steps stage right now, but chomping at the bit to master the cutter/software. I can see myself tapping in to the resources here, just as I did on the T-shirt forum when learning DTG printing. One question that has already come to mind is when doing sports jerseys, for example, and I want to have a contrasting colored outline around them, there a command within SCAL 3 that allows me to cut the front layer as is, then specify a second slightly larger cut for the background in order to end up with stroked numbers and letters once the two layers are combined. Or, this something I need to do within Illustrator. If so, how ? Thanks in advance for all the forthcoming advice,...this is gonna be fun !!