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  1. adventur Studios

    Catch Basket - What fabric to use?

    So I built a quick and cheap DIY catch basket for my new Graphtec CE6000-120 rather than buying the $600 one they offer... I was using the catch basket from my LPII but sold that and the basket went with it. What are some available options for an anti-static material for the fabric part of the catch basket? I found this "ESD Woven Fabric" but can't find a supplier in the US. KK Fabrics - ESD Woven Fabrics
  2. adventur Studios

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    I will give SignBlazer a shot. I have already been looking into the Graphtec cutter, I have had nothing but problems with the LP2.
  3. adventur Studios

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    Any more ideas on this? It keeps happening every couple of cuts I run. Some will run perfect, some will be really bad. Its inconsistent. I have reworked all of the artwork for the entire project, so I know that can be ruled out.
  4. adventur Studios

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    That's what I was thinking, its as if it somehow gets hung up or slips and misses that 1/4" of travel. I just made up a quick squiggly line, stroked and expanded it to run as a test. No issues whatsoever, perfectly parallel lines all the way around. My next step tomorrow will be to look at the art and see if it is somehow being caused by that.
  5. adventur Studios

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    I haven't messed with the pressure on the pinch rollers at all. Using about .5mm of blade depth (approximate), with about 150g of pressure. Cutting a circle by hand pressing as hard as I can doesn't cut through the backer at all. The issue seems to be random. I ran the same file through 3 times, first with the pen and it looked perfect. Then with the blade, and it thinned the lines again. Then with the pen a 3rd time and the lines were thinned again. You can see in the pic below there is some kind of registration issue when it comes back to complete the outside of the second line. I think it only happens on the final few cuts of each run. This happened with the vinyl perfectly square to the cutter.
  6. adventur Studios

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    The only thing I can think of is that the hash marks on the plotter itself are not aligned. I double check that the vinyl edge is aligned before cutting. I was able to get one to run perfectly with the pen holder in on the back of some used vinyl. I then ran the same file with the blade holder on and the same issue appeared again. This leads me to believe that the issue is not with the artwork, but with the motherboard of the machine, blade holder or the pinch rollers. I will try squaring the vinyl off the cutter with a T-square or framing square to see if the hash marks are misaligned.
  7. adventur Studios

    Laserpoint 2 - Parallel Line Issue

    I generally feed about the length of the cut before running the file, and then scroll back to the origin. The pinch rollers are centered on the feed rollers and vinyl centered between rollers. I do notice that when feeding the 12 or so foot length before cutting, the vinyl tracks off to the left. By the time i've finished, the right edge of the vinyl has jumped 3-4 hash marks. I am currently running on SCAL Pro. I will give the free trial a go and see if that helps. The step by step may be useful for some of the longer cuts as well.
  8. Hey guys, First post here, but I've owned and cut with a LPII for a few years now. I have resolved a bunch of grounding/static related bugs and have cut tons of material without issue, until my current project. The artwork I am contour cutting consists of series of parallel squiggly lines of a consistent thickness. I am having a major issue where the vinyl or plotter is somehow tracking off throughout the progress of the cut, and giving me inconsistent line thickness. The cuts are generally around 10'-12' long (some more, some less), and I have been running 2-up per cut (see attached artwork). The line needs to be a consistent thickness of 1/4", but I will often end up with one part being almost 1" thick and the other line being 1/8". I've included a snippet of the artwork and a photo of the issue as well. I have run these cuts in the past without this issue, but I assume that it has to do with the length of the image and the order in which the machine processes the cuts. Any input would be greatly appreciated.