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  1. I was thinking the same thing lol, that water was steaming and it only changed it for a moment then back to normal. Would be cool if the slightest warmth would change it.
  2. Vector

    Can this part be wrapped?

    Hey , how about just tape off the stripe and plasti dip it! seen you mentioned doing it to the bumper haha
  3. Vector

    Small stuff

    Came here to see small stuff also haha Really like that stencil looking one How many colors? I think I see chrome in there
  4. Vector

    New sign design without copyright issues???

    Yea I don't see a problem with that , not the same font and and the hills are not the same style , but from far away people might think it's the steakhouse haha
  5. Vector

    Vinyl Identification?

    ah ok thanks! Had a lot lower tack than Oracal
  6. Vector

    Vinyl Identification?

    Can anyone ID this brand of vinyl? All I have left is the backing from a decal someone brought me. has a small "CX" in one of the squares Maybe someone around here has used it , worth a shot
  7. Vector

    Go-C Graphics

    Duuude awesome!
  8. Vector

    Hi! Vector here :)

    Figured I should introduce myself a little I have been making decals for 5 years now , I actually lurked around this site my 1st year and haven't been back since. Back now, this time decided to join the forum Guess you can call me Vector My main tool of destruction is SignBlazer , very first thing I used and can do anything on it. I recently started using Inkscape for image vectoring and then import to SignBlazer. But yea that's about it for me Looking forward to sharing some work and talk about vinyl with you guys!
  9. Vector

    Need this outlined....

    Here's my shot at it (screenshot from SB) 1st one is the final , the other is just for the heck of it , it's tracing where the plastic(?) body is but then blocks the space for text Lemme know if you want the sb file [EDIT] Oops just read that you are looking for a thin outline , i'll make that edit in a sec . just tried to do it but it makes it harder to tell what vehicle it is , I think just punching the text through the car is the way to go
  10. Vector

    Need this outlined....

    The bed rack thing looks like a backglass now which really makes it looks like a taxi more than anything. I would mess around with the design some so you can really tell what car it is from a quick look , maybe just cut the features that really sets the truck apart. Like remove everything (windows and lights) and leave the bed side rail things punched out?
  11. Vector

    Table Titan Info

    Here's my stepper motor Titan test (same font and size) haven't played with my settings much but yea Not as crisp and beautiful as MB20's haha but I'm sure a servo one could get same results! You can really see the quality on that text dang
  12. Wildgoose deserves a medal Thanks for the tip!
  13. Vector

    3d Printers

    Dang yea that sucks. 3d printing does sound fun but also seems like I would get bored of it real quick haha Macon , why did you have to add upgrades?
  14. Vector

    New to vinyl , looking for a starter Machine

    I think 50" is overkill , I use one and I don't think I'll ever need that width ever. Good point Dakota! haha never had to make something that big , does sound like a job if I had to apply it!
  15. Vector

    Some work I got. Thoughts and opinions

    Turned out great!