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  1. Jesse F.

    So what happened?

    It appears that the hosting company to the Forums and our Live Chat went down for some reason. Both should be up and running now, although I don't know why they went down. We only found out this morning when we got in as we're not here on the weekends. How long had the forums been down for?
  2. I would definitely call into Support and get a tech to remote in. On a Mac it's most likely two things. A driver that's out of date or a setting that hasn't been configured properly. Usually it's the BAUD rate that gives you the most trouble. I usually save the Keyspan as a last resort and more often recommend it when a USB port takes a crap. But call in, switch back to your regular USB cable, and I'm sure someone here can get you back up and running. If they get everything up to date and configured and it's still having issues it very well could be a motherboard issue. But leave that to the tech to determine. Good luck!
  3. Jesse F.

    Multiple Lines of text on vinyl

    I would strongly advise against SignBlazer. While it's free and handy, it's practically obsolete. There's no support for it, save for here. The developer has long since passed away and there's no way to update this software. It's been running extremely choppy on Windows 8 and I wouldn't be surprised if Windows 10 kills it completely.
  4. Jesse F.

    Problem with EPS file!

    I've had some trouble with those EPS formats in the past. Sometimes it just depends on where you're getting them from. Inkscape has already been suggested and I would recommend it. For a free software it's actually pretty good. I haven't had much of a chance to work with SCAL4P but it should be similar to 3. But Craft Edge never really gave us a whole lot of info for it since they just sort of released it on their own. SVG and .ai files seem to be the easiest with SCALP though. It's always hard when you get files from customers since you have no idea who made them or what program they used to vectorize them. Just keep Inkscape handy and convert them when you need to. Or of course ask the helpful folks here.
  5. Jesse F.

    A little help please

    You can always download the demo of SCALP off of the support website and convert your files in there using the trace image function.
  6. I know yesterday was especially crazy here (although I was out on vacation). It looks like we had a few people call out sick so we were down quite a few people. Anyways! Sounds like it could be a few things. Either the software isn't activated, the drivers aren't installed properly (which is likely if you are running windows 8 with an MH) or static. I don't see too many static issues with the MH surprisingly so my guess is going to rest with the former. Try downloading the latest version of SCALP and activating the software with your serial number located on the back of the case your disc came in. Should be a 25 digit key with dashes every five numbers. Once you have the latest version of SCALP installed, go up to the help menu and select 'Install Driver'. It would seem that the latest version of SCALP makes installing the MH drivers on windows very easy. You should see the MH show up in your Devices and Printers as a USCutter Series. Go back in to SCALP and go to cut with cutter. Make sure that Connection is set to Printer and that Port is set to USCutter Series. Try that and see if that helps. If for some reason you're still just not getting those cuts to come out right, try and call in again. We should have our full staff back tomorrow and since it's not a Monday we should be able to get to the calls much faster since there hopefully won't be as many. Mondays are crazy and Monday afternoons especially. Sorry you had such a long wait time! Hope this helps!
  7. Jesse F.

    A little help please

    What program are you currently using to convert your files?
  8. Jesse F.

    I'm here to help!

    The volunteers make this forum what it is! It's appreciated more than you guys and gals know. I know that there are some things that we just don't have great answers to as we don't always get to use these things in practical use and this has been a great place to send people to get honest feedback. While I'm not able to be on here full time, yet, I'll try to answer as much as I can, when I can. Hopefully I'll be able to bring some things to the table here but I know that there's plenty to learn from everyone on here as well!
  9. Jesse F.

    Graphtec CE6000-60 Firmware

    The CE-6000 is usually pretty straight forward on a Mac as well as a PC, although most plotters we've found to just work better on PC across the board. When was the last time you ran an update for your OS out of curiosity? From the sound of it though it does seem like it could potentially be a Mobo issue, especially if you've rolled the firmware back and it has been doing this across multiple computers. I'll pick our Tier 3 tech's brain on this one and see if there's anything else we can think to check.
  10. Jesse F.

    I'm here to help!

    It will be one year in May! Time sure does fly.
  11. Jesse F.

    I'm here to help!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  12. Jesse F.

    I'm here to help!

    Hello all! My name is Jesse and I work as Technical Support here at USCutter! I will be here to assist where I can and keep an eye on things for the foreseeable future. I will answer what questions I can about our machines, products and fairly general inquiries. The wonderful part about these forums is that they are customer based and are an absolutely wonderful resource for customers and users as we don't always have answers to certain questions. Design inquiries for instance are something that we at USCutter aren't equipped to handle as we aren't trained in the design aspect of this type of work. There are already other moderators here that have been doing an absolutely amazing job here for years and by no means will I be any sort of replacement for them and I in fact encourage you to continue to look to them for support. I will be here to help but please be patient if you do happen to send any questions my way as I will not be able to monitor this full time. For pressing technical support issues please give us a call here in Technical Support for the fastest assistance.