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  1. The damn packaging was so tight that Both of the endcaps on my MH-721 broke while unboxing. I can't imagine that I am the only one this has happened to. Also, the metal lever on the left hand limit switch was missing. Seriously though, I'm going to need that! Any chance I can get USCUTTER to replace these parts? Thanks, -Justin
  2. Do the MH-series cutters require carrier sheets to cut all the way through material? I will be cutting craft paper. Thanks!! -Justin
  3. I have a couple dozen sheets of 24x18 black construction paper. Will the MH-721 cut through that? Thanks!! -Justin
  4. Hello, I am looking at purchasing a vinyl cutter strictly for it's cut-through capabilities to create stencils for screen printing and such. Basically I am trying to bypass the whole photo emulsion thing. I am currently looking at the MH-721. Would this be able to cut-through ORAMASK 811 Paint Mask Stencil material? Would you suggest a different material? Ideally It would be an opaque sheet-like plastic material... Thanks! -J