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  1. dirtrocker

    inkscape file won't open in corel

    The ai file was one that I've had for years. I made a new logo and saved as eps, thinking I would be able to use it on the vinyl cutter and what ever else I needed. The version I am using is 0.92, so I don't think it is too old. I have no idea what version Corel they are using or how it is set up. I'm at the point where I'm gonna wash my hands of it and let them figure out what they want to do. I've provided them with the files in eps, ai, png, pdf and even in Brother's embroidery file .pes If they can't figure it out, then I don't know what else I can do. I was just thinking maybe there was something I needed to do, for Corel to be able to open the eps file. I'll try saving it in Illustrator and see what happens. Thanks.
  2. dirtrocker

    inkscape file won't open in corel

    I made my brother's business logo in Inkscape and the embroidery place wanted the file in .eps or.ai and I saved in both formats in inkscape and they can't open them with coreldraw. Anyone know if there is something different I need to do to save them so they can be open in CorelDraw?
  3. dirtrocker

    Anyone do any large format printing?

    I might have to check with HP. The problem is, it's way bigger than anything I want to do. Not even sure what to do with it. I might put it on Craigslist and see if someone in the area might want to mess with it.
  4. I aquired an HP 4000PS Designjet and it's huge. I ended up with a ton of inks, papers and stuff and not sure I really want to mess with it. So anyone know anything about these and what a person should ask for it with inks and stuff?
  5. dirtrocker

    Outdoor Work Shirts

    These work? http://www.automotiveworkwear.com/RedKap/SP24/automotive-technician.html
  6. dirtrocker

    Koozie, mug wraps or what ever you call them.

    Oh man, that opens up numerous possibilities. LOL!
  7. dirtrocker

    Opinions please on new design

    Yes, thanks!
  8. dirtrocker

    Opinions please on new design

    Yes please. I showed it to a friend and all he could say was, "What can you put that on? I don't care, I want one."
  9. dirtrocker

    Koozie, mug wraps or what ever you call them.

    ROFL! Hadn't thought about that. I see the reasoning now. Thanks!
  10. dirtrocker

    Go-C Graphics

    The glass work is pretty awesome. But I have to wonder how cost is on using it. I'm assuming that the laser is a wear item. So is it a better value vs sandblasting? I still want one. LOL!
  11. dirtrocker

    Koozie, mug wraps or what ever you call them.

    I think I got it now. Thanks! Now, the other question. Are more folks asking for the foldable or the wraps with the velcro? I kind of like the ones with the velcro, but most the guys I deal with said they like the foldable ones.
  12. dirtrocker

    Opinions please on new design

    So you find it offensive? You are in a business of visual things. If you were to not deal with anything you don't like, you'd go broke real fast. If you'd have asked me 5 months ago if I ever thought I would put butterflies on something, I'd have said, not a chance. Yet the other day, I made money making a fire kindle cover with [sigh] butterflies on it. Not only that, condemning someone's creation just because of it's content isn't seeing the art in it, nor the creativity in it. On that note, I find it pretty cool and would love to put it on a t-shirt if Macon would allow it.
  13. dirtrocker

    A couple of fun Tees for contractor friends.

    Awesome! I will most likely use them on sublimation stuff. My cutter is put away and unfortunately, to get it out would require pretty much emptying the garage and I haven't found the ambition to tackle that yet. LOL! Plus my son lost the dongle for the Flexi program and the cost to replace it is almost the cost of another purcahse. But yes, I will definitely post the pics. And Thank you!
  14. dirtrocker

    Koozie, mug wraps or what ever you call them.

    I do have a template. I think the problem I'm running into is how to line up the overlap from one side to the other. Are you taping it off?
  15. So I got some "beverage insulators" and did a test one and it came out great, but because of the way I did it, I didn't get the paper centered and ended up with a gap. So it got me thinking, How are you doing these? Do you make 2 images and press them one at a time, flipping it over when you press? And how are you making sure you are lining up the image to do both sides? I have an idea of how I think I want to do it, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel if someone is already having success with a certain way of handling these. My little brother builds rat rods, so a lot of folks have shown interest in having some beverage insulators with their rat rods on them, so I might be doing a bunch of them. It's funny that more have shown interest in the "koozies", than in the coffee cups. But then again, the fire department guys are more interested in the coffee cups, than the koozies.