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  1. Okay so a couple years ago I brought a 31" Vinyl Express R-Series II Cutter/Plotter from Sign Warehouse, and upgraded all software to the Master Plus 10.5 version. Now in 2015, after so many problems with my original cutter from Sigh Warehouse, I purchased the Titan 2 from US Cutter w/ the SCAL PRO 3. What I can NOT figure out is how can I use the Titan 2 with the LEXI MASTER SOFTWARE, and also SCAL PRO 3? I have been told that I can use the software with my new cutter, but I can not for the life of me, figure out why it doesn't pick up any info on the new cutter at all. The Titan by far that I have seen thus far is GREAT, and it cuts unlike the funky R-Series Cutter. I do a lot of Race car designs, vinyl lettering & graphics, and really need to get this sorted out asap, since we are in the season for racing. Any advice, or help would be wonderful. Here is my E-mail address, if needed :