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  1. So after a full week of testing. I have upgraded to Illustrator Creative Cloud and started Using Sign Cut Pro 2. Sign Cut suggested adding a little overcut in the settings on the graphtec and I can say it has been incredibly better on cuts. Very crazy. I don't have a clue where the problem really is.
  2. Not the whole roll. Just seems like it happens to the edge.
  3. On the CE6000 you can just ignore the pinch rollers? I looked on how to extend the cutting area but it was only like .175mm past the pinch roller.
  4. I was curious about the ripples also. It has been rainy and humid in Wisconsin the last few days and we have had all our windows open in the house so I am wondering if that is it. I don't see it after I cut and its laying flat to weed. I will move the rollers in even more. I just want to use as much as the 24width as I can.
  5. Here are my roller positioning.
  6. I will re-alight the pinch rollers and look at that. I feel everything and nothing seems loose. Thats the strangest part.
  7. I send straight from Illustrator CS6
  8. Yes Mac and cut master 4. I see sign cut pro 2 has a monthly software subscription but I'm not familiar with that software.
  9. Yes, pre-feeding. Always making sure there is slack. Carriage is tight. I reset the entire cutter and re-set it up and the problem on that same cut has disappeared now. I'm lost.
  10. Now I am lost. Slowed the cutter down. Blade has been set since the last recommendation and I have cut this twice in a row now. I can't believe how awful this cut is. The names turned out usable but the October font is god awful.
  11. After more cuts last night and examining this morning. It really cleared up some interesting cuts I was not happy with. I was still having some issues with sticky letters not weeding as easy as I hope but I am thinking I am going to pump the speed down even a little more to see if that helps.
  12. I slowed it down to 10 instead of 20 like I had it, also took the blade out, air sprayed the blade holder, re-set the blade depth and printed about 15 things last night. Peeling was very easy. Didn't notice any big issues like I was before. I haven't had a chance to closely examine some of them that i normally have issues with. Had to run out the door this morning. But I'm hopeful its just a settings issue like you gave suggestions on.
  13. Usually it is custom pieces so I don't normally print more than 1 copy but would be interesting to check that to see when I notice the issues.
  14. I'll take a look at the depth also. Thanks for the heads up.