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  1. You make a very good point. I already have a lot of customers built up in my hometown, parents definitely support me, and the local college has exactly the program that I need. It's a associates in Business Administration w/concentration in Entrepreneurship. It starts off with 4 business courses in the first semester. It doesn't require me to take non-sense course like the university that I won't need. It would give me a great foundation to start up a brick-and-mortar.
  2. dirtrocker - I could handle both, It would just be very hard to do it out of a dorm room. In the dorm room all you can basically fit is a bed & dresser. Not much room for my vinyl machine & materials. I really don't want to miss out on the 'college experience,' but I guess that it the only thing that is pushing me towards a university. It would be a lot smarter for me to go to community college - not only would it save money (and allow me to make money), but it would put me ahead of everyone else my age. Community college however means I'll be stuck at home for another few years........ Also, going to a university would put me almost $30,000 in debt with loans. There would be no way that I could open a store front after 4 years with that amount of debt! Hmmmmmm
  3. Wow, everyone made a lot of good points that I have definitely been thinking about over the past few weeks. College decision day is this Friday, May 1st and I still haven't committed anywhere. I have been accepted to my top university schools, however, going to a university I will have to completely stop my business. There is no way that I could run it out of a dorm room. Another con of a university is I won't start taking my business courses until junior year. The first two years I'll (& parents) will be paying for me to take PE and world history which I really don't need. My parents defiantly think that I have potential to open my own store front, and are pushing community college. I could get an associates degree in business (which I would take ALL business courses for 2 years, no 'crap' classes), it would be $10,000 cheaper each year, and I could still run my business. The only thing is, I would really be missing out on the whole college experience, which I was looking forward to. Soo what would everyone suggest (since you're all older & wiser )
  4. Thanks to everyone for the responses!! Everyone makes a lot of good points. I don't want to totally stop with my business, because I really love what I do & I've put way to much time and money into it to stop. However, an education is a must. So I'm sort of in a bind. (I also don't really want to miss out on the college experience) I have until May 1st to decide, decisions decisions
  5. Yes, my concern is time. I have already obtained a business license & state tax ID # for tax purposes & so that I'm not working 'illegally' It's not taken the wrong way at all. Thank you so much for the thought and advice! I very much appreciate it. I will be taking into consideration everything that you have said. It is definitely another option to run my Etsy store while in college. You make a good point about the 'distraction to deal with the stress of college.' Although it has added stress, I love being able to come into my 'workshop' and escape homework and studying for a little while. Any option that I choose I will definitely be starting towards a degree in the fall. I've worked too hard in high school (and pulled many all nighters) to not do anything with my education.
  6. Yes, there's a few home business that I'd be competing with but nobody has a store front. I've found a small storefront (500 sq ft) for a very good price in a major shopping center in Charlotte, NC. I think that It'd be perfect to start out with. Hmmm, decisions decisions!
  7. Thanks for your input! I'm definitely going to get a business degree so that I have something to fall back on if it didn't work out. There's no stores like it in the area so I feel like it would do good. I can't imagine "throwing my business away" after working on it. That's a great idea! I've looked into it a little but and it seems very cool! Definitely going to put it on my to-do list.
  8. I'm just coming across this forum & have already found many great resources and info! I would like everyone's opinion on something... I'm currently a senior in high school. In November I opened up an Etsy store selling decals, and many other items with vinyl on them (ex. cups). Over the past few months I have had an overwhelming amount of orders (Averaging $2000 revenue a month). This is just by working on stuff some week nights and weekend. I have so many more ideas that I just don't have time to complete. I LOVE what I do! Time has now come to decide on a college, I have been accepted to all of my top choices. However, I would really love to open my own store. Sort of like a boutique with anything you can imagine with vinyl on it (license plates, cups, cake carriers, the list goes on and on). I have two different options I think: A) Stop my business, and go to a college and get a degree to get a normal job. B ) Open a store (already found one ) In a major city nearby, it's right near a huge university so I could take classes online/night classes. I would just like opinions from other 'vinylers.' I am very passionate about my business and have put a lot of work into it. Opinions?