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  1. arteinternational

    Graphtech Condition 2 skewing

    Hello wanted to give an update about the "problem" i was having. Looking on the condition settings i found the distance adjust x: being 0.45% and y:0% I changed x to 0% and it has fixed the skew problem gotta be careful when editing those settings thanks all for sharing
  2. arteinternational

    Graphtech Condition 2 skewing

    Gonna do the change to GraphtechStudio for sure and try it out. It arrived free like you said Thanks
  3. arteinternational

    Graphtech Condition 2 skewing

    Hello This is an example of what happens Top line is sending it with condition one and bottom line is the correct one that doesnt skew when i send it alone. btw it improved changing the force to 15 but the last line got messed up (see the pic) Not sure if you can see thats the lenght i been using for condition 2....Blade looks fine
  4. arteinternational

    Graphtech Condition 2 skewing

    thats really good to know Im in a bit of rush but ill try and send blade pics tomorrow Thanks!
  5. arteinternational

    Graphtech Condition 2 skewing

    Hello I tried changing the wheel pressure to outsidewheels strong...inside wheels medium and with no change on the skew problem. This is the setting for condition 2, I normally have the cutforce on 32 but was testing it on 36
  6. arteinternational

    Graphtech Condition 2 skewing

    Thanks Ill let know if any makes a difference. Is Graphtech Prostudio better than CuttingMaster?
  7. Good day to all, Machine: Graphtech plotter FC8600-130 64" Trying to find a solution when i send my projects normally 50"w by 60"h registration marks made with Ai Plugin, I assign condition 1 and condition 2 in CuttingMaster3 normally and it cuts well except when condition 2 starts...sometimes the first line cuts good but going up it begins to skew upwards each line it changes more eventually damaging the first cut. All wheels are in their respective position with medium pressure. One solution ive found without problem is sending condition 1 separate from condition 2 so each one sseparately works perfect... but for speed i want to send both at the same time. What could be the problem...a fix besides sending separate cuts Any input would be appreciated. Thanks