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  1. Frappuciono

    Cactus Wrap & Mug Purchase

    What is ACP.?
  2. Frappuciono

    Silhouette cameo

    on amazon it sells at $269 for a bundle so anyhting lesser than that .. i m located in texas. thnx ill chekc tht out
  3. Frappuciono

    Silhouette cameo

    Hello PLease can anyone help me with finding a good deal on silhouette cameo 2 I really want to buy it. But want a good deal I m sorry if I ve posted in wrong board Thnakyou
  4. Frappuciono

    Vinyl and transfer tape

    Oh Thankyou so much for replies. I will check USCutter. Does orafol provides any transfer paper ?
  5. Frappuciono

    Wholesale mugs

    I m so sorry for not providing details I m looking for ceramic mugs 11 oz preferably. And I want to customize them by cutting vinyl with my silhouette cameo and sticking it . Looking for white color
  6. Frappuciono

    Vinyl and transfer tape

    Hello I'll be starting my business soon. I wanted to know where can buy vinyl 651 for cheapest price and also transfer paper. I'll be customizing mugs with vinyl 651 Th akyou
  7. Frappuciono

    Wholesale mugs

    Hello I m new here and I wanted to know where can I buy wholesale mugs for cheap price? I live in houston are there any local retailers? Please help Thnakyou