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  1. Still running today since 2008, no repairs ever....
  2. Terry Ellis

    Wanna share your photo?

    LOL, no not Jeff LOL. This was me waaaay back when forum first started, and post was done by Joe Camaro.. They don't like me on here anymore. I got pretty upset WAAAAY back when they got rid of Ken. Use to be some REAL great people on here back then. I stop by once in awhile to check out stuff is all. Take care, Terry
  3. Terry Ellis

    Wanna share your photo?

    This guy look familiar? LOL
  4. Terry Ellis

    Greeting Card Software ???

    My wife makes die cut 3D cards for fun. Just need to start from scratch with BLANK template. So for the A2 cards she wants a program to print on some of them before the die cut sections are all put on. that program (Print Artist 25 Platinum) is the one she was looking at LOL... Is that a good one?
  5. Terry Ellis

    Greeting Card Software ???

    Who knows of good Greeting Card Software?
  6. Just checkin in once in awhile. Thank you, Terry I'm a newbie LOL....
  7. WOW all my old graphics still on here? LOL, Terry