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  1. tardster

    help needed please

    Thank You guys, much appreciated...
  2. tardster

    help needed please

    Ah ok that makes sense Mark, thank you for the help
  3. tardster

    help needed please

    Mark, why is the "A" in LGA different from the picture if its Air Millhouse?
  4. tardster

    help needed please

    its small but at the top left hand corner I found the logo, maybe this will help...
  5. tardster

    help needed please

    don't ya just hate it when this happens lol
  6. tardster

    help needed please

    Thank you dwp99. I called and of course, the person who came up with that design doesn't work there anymore and they have no idea what the font is lol...
  7. tardster

    help needed please

    I have no idea where they took the picture at, I looked at the word trucking and seen that the letter u was different...
  8. tardster

    help needed please

    Nope that isn't it, the "U's" are not the same, thank you though...
  9. tardster

    help needed please

    I need to know what font this is, a customer really wants to use this font, I've looked all over and cant find it, thank you in advance...
  10. tardster

    Need help please

    Can anyone help me figure out this font please and thank you in advance....
  11. tardster

    Winery Trailer, printed logo and cut vinyl lettering

    I have someone who is wanting a 31'enclosed trailer done so I'd like to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. How tall and what is the font you used, I like how ou were able to use up most of the side of the trailer?
  12. tardster

    Need help with these fonts

    Im in need of finding out what the fonts are, especially the "H" in the background, thanks in advance...
  13. tardster

    Help please

    Thanks Primal, I wouldn't have found it with out ya...
  14. tardster

    Help please

    Hey guys n gals, I hate asking but I've looked all over and even tried that font matcherator site and still cant get this figured out. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks ahead of time...
  15. tardster

    western font help

    Hey guys, I have a guy who is wanting to redo his Semi but he wants to use the same font. Can anyone tell me what font this is please and thank you in advance :-)...