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  1. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro issues

    I have some old ones sitting around... That needs a display fix... I'm looking for possible ways to sell it for parts or to be repaired by whomever want it. Any ideas?
  2. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    I'll figure out what I'm looking to know but you guys were the problem... What I have issues with I'll get it fixed appreciate your concern....
  3. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    MzSkeeter it don't even matter my point has been made on this topic... I didn't post my problem in this forum and I won't worry about it this go round either... Appreciate your concern anyway....
  4. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    Mz Skeeter I was emailing people questions I had here before posting to the forum... I came to this forum and seen you guys was being sarcastic so I responded.... I emailed you about help before I posted on this forum... I wasn't gone say nothing on this, but I felt you guys do this all the time and I just don't need you guys doing me like that do it to whoever just skip over me...
  5. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    If the truth means insult then I'll take the blame for that.... Let me know where I have not told the truth at? I post in respectful manner... Sometimes truth make people feel offended I done nothing intentionally for you to feel you have to defend yourself, but share my experience on this forum from the first time I got here until now. Help will be found I'm a determined person with patience, so I'm not worried about where I'll get help from. I just thought it was cool to get it here as I find it so difficult and address you guys about how I find it so difficult...
  6. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    This is why I inboxed people... This is why I hate posting on this forums.... What kind of question is this to ask when there are people here who are having a difficult time trying to cut out their first project? But, to you guys this is humor as this suppose to be a place to help people? Really?
  7. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    Mz Skeeter I didn't post it here because I don't like how you people respond to me on this forum so I inbox people when I need advice or help on something and so happen you ended up being one of the persons I inbox... Telling me to post it on the forum is no problem at all... I can respect that... But, I hate posting here due to how messy you people are. So, I been inboxing people as I said and you so happen to be a person I inboxed...
  8. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    I rather inbox people then post here often that's why I rarely post stuff on these forums... What I posted was truth that's why it hit a nerve... I disappeared do to how you people respond to stuff and be so sarcastic and messy. Just as it was when I joined... An there was people on that forum agreeing with me as well if you remember. I didn't ask you for no recommendation I ask you guys to be more professional to the people on this forum. Its the same problem I had when I first joined this place so no need to rant at me discussing nothing about other people nor your shop it has nothing to do with the points I made none what so ever... Address the stuff I spoke on not about who came to your office that's no value to me at all. Or just drop the topic... I'm not ranting at all just being honest and in a respectful manner with no anger at all...
  9. soldoutcreations

    Graphtec Craft Robo Pro Users....

    Of coarse this machine can be simple if someone has been using it for a long period of time what about people who are not so familiar with this machine. Gosh this is one forum that's so difficult to communicate in I nearly hate posting stuff here honestly, cause the people are so sarcastic and messy... More people I encountered like Roland over Graphtec and people here are from all sides of the world so its not all the same for all people... Geeshh... This must be a place of elderly grumpy people or something the way you guys take approach to things can be so unprofessional seriously... Dakota, Jaybird, & Mz Skeeter there are people who come here looking for real help and to you guys it would be something to laugh at people and crack jokes as I thought this was a community about helping others. Smh... Maybe I'll just find another forums to become apart of.... I actually buy stuff from this company I know my purchase will not matter much, but it will be others that will feel the same as I do on how this forum is conducted the only option is to leave or watch yall attack others intelligence as if they're so dumb and you all are so smart... Get real? You had to learn how to do this stuff yourself at some point, so don't laugh and be petty towards others who want to learn. Bragging about having more feature ok what's your point? Who is that helpful to besides yourself? All pointless stuff you guys need to lighten up... How do you have a rough ride using a Graphtec....? Sarcastic and messy question some ppl come here are not pros and just want to learn stuff... I know its more crazy because you guys are admin and laughing like I claim to be a Graphtec instructor... I'm not instructor, but I know enough to help some people and I thought that's what this forum was about... I see "Staff" cracking jokes laughing like they're somebody more special due to the fact they can work a cutting machine.
  10. Set the origin point on the proper registration mark. The GCRP can read the Regs manually from the control plotter software. Read the marks manually, do not turn on the search marks feature. See if that can you get over the ARMS problem... Or you might have the marks too close to the top or too close the bottom the material. Its ok to have less room on the sides of you material, but the top and the bottom of the material must have some space. Take you registration marks in more closer if you're having problems. I'm not sure bout the accurate measurements. Those marks can drive you crazy, but its so many different reasons why things can be going wrong.
  11. Where you having cutting problems before you used CM3 or you started out using CM3?
  12. Be sure you are setting the media and orientation properly. I had to uninstall CM3 it does not work on my laptop for some reason. I have a Windows 7... It was to glitchy so I let it go and went back to CM2 where I had no problems. CM3 has a lot of new features I'll have to wait until they fix the bugs in the current one as of now...
  13. soldoutcreations

    Custom Ordered "Frozen" Shirts

    Wow you're about the 2nd person I encountered on here with common sense to make a point without all the bs.... I understand copyrighting highly... I operate as if I do.... I am obligated to make custom items for people... If a corporations feel the need to address it I can promise you it will be on a financial matter.... Or unless I am degrading the brand.... No way I made loads of money from 10 shirts with a kids name on them. No way they will see those shirts remade or reproduced again.... I'm not worried at all.... Its the fear mongers people who act like their an attorney looking for financial gains or something... This forum is such a troll habitat.... Bully site... I will not let the people here push me away based on their judgements, because I know honestly they are not trained properly on how to welcome all people to this forum. There are rules... Long as they are not broken no member should sign up feeling "unwelcome". Ok... I am done on this topic... Live, love learn...
  14. soldoutcreations

    Custom Ordered "Frozen" Shirts

    I was not copyrighting an image of Disney. I'm watermarking the design I created on a shirt for a kid and her family. I can't claim that I am the person who designed that order? I'm not claiming to own Frozen only the design and shirts I done for that client. If you feel bothered go head and delete it. This only one site and I'm not about to go through all the politics with you people on this site again. Feel I violated anything just delete the picture and keep it moving please... I posted my "infringement"? Well, I explained the purpose and what I done with that picture. I explained it was ordered for a family, due to they were using the "Frozen" theme. I have not claimed no owner ship of that image nor being the creator of Frozen. I explained what it was used for and why it was used.... I have a shirt posted for a little league football team "Sherwood Falcons", using the original helmet... Would that mean Atlanta Falcons gone feel the need to sue me? Seriously this is going to far.... Only that image like that because it went on a site where people will claim you work. I have not known that to be the case here... Again if you find it a problem delete it...Thanks...
  15. soldoutcreations


    Random kiddy stuff I done...