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    Some work

    Nice work! Please post more!
  2. 360jeep

    Do I Need To Use Transfer Tape?

    Tape will help you control the decal until you squeegee it down.
  3. 360jeep

    Hailing from Huntsville,Alabama

    Welcome aboard!
  4. Nice work, good design and layout, nice choice of fonts!! Keep up the good work!
  5. 360jeep

    Beer keg art

    Looks Good! Keep up the good work!
  6. 360jeep

    Greetings from SC

    Welcome aboard!
  7. 360jeep

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome aboard!
  8. 360jeep

    How would you install this?

    I would either paint (or have someone paint the wall black then apply the lettering. If it has to be all done in vinyl, I would wse wrap vinyl for the black.
  9. 360jeep

    ECI Semi 2

    From the album: My Stuff

    Typical Farm Semi Lettering Job. Logo Design to printing and applying the viny.

    © Doty Graphics 2015

  10. 360jeep

    ECI Semi

    From the album: My Stuff

    Typical Farm Semi Lettering Job.

    © Doty Graphics 2015

  11. 360jeep

    Oracal to 3M HELP

    Also...get a subscription to SignCraft magazine... Has a ton of useful info!!!
  12. 360jeep

    Oracal to 3M HELP

    Glad to help!
  13. 360jeep

    Oracal to 3M HELP

    Glad to help! Hey, it is very intimidating at first but you will learn. There are a lot of different vinyls out there and I have tried almost all of them. Remember, cheaper cost usually means cheap (junk) vinyl that will not last and is a pain to weed! Better to use the good film right off the bat so you will not have to go back later and redo the job. If you haven't already, find a good supply house (I use Fellers, N. Glantz, Imager's Supply...) and they can give you the skinny on what will work the best. I don't know where you are located but Fellers and Glantz has branches all over the US and Imagers Supply is in Louisville, KY. Do a google search for Graphics Supply in your city. Call these guys and have them send you a catalog. They offer a lot of stuff...vinyl, tools, equipment, substrates........... N Glantz 1-800-645-2689 Fellers 1-800-654-8405 warning...Frank Fellers has his pic on every single page of the catalog! LOL!! Best of luck!
  14. 360jeep

    Oracal to 3M HELP

    Contact your vinyl supplier, they should be able to send you swatch books. Oracal 651 is an intermediate vinyl for short to medium term applications. Lasts only a few years outdoors and has low dimensional stability which means it will shrink! Oracal 751 is a high performance vinyl for long term applications. Lasts 7 plus years. I have several signs and vehicle graphics using 751 that were done 10 plus years ago that still look good. This vinyl has great dimensional stability. Opaque means that the vinyl will not allow light or the substrate color to pass through (at least in theory)...white vinyl on a black substrate will still be white once applied. Translucent means the vinyl will let light shine through the vinyl. Backlit signs. If I am wrong with any of this information, please feel free to teach me! Hope this helps!
  15. 360jeep

    new from ontario canada. Somw work

    Nice work!
  16. 360jeep

    font help please

    You may be able to find that font on www.dafont.com
  17. 360jeep

    How is this done?

    My guess would be silkscreen.
  18. 360jeep

    New to the Forum

    Hello Everyone, 360jeep here...I'm new to the Forum but have been making signs for what seems like forever! As my name suggests, I am a Jeep nut. I am also a dad to 2 wonderful kids, volunteer firefighter, emergency medical responder, outdoorsman, racing fan, rc car/truck fan, eternal tinkerer, .......... graphic designer and sign shop owner. Equipment; Roland VP540, Royal Sovergn laminator, Gerber 24" plotter, Gerber Edge II, 15" envision plotter, Gerber Omega Composer and Adobe Illustrator. I like what I have seen so far on this forum and would be happy to lend a hand to anyone! Have a great day.
  19. 360jeep

    Meltons Jerseys Banner

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014

  20. 360jeep

    Melton Jerseys 2

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014

  21. 360jeep

    Farmers Market Logo Design

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014

  22. 360jeep

    Davis Cabinet

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014

  23. 360jeep

    Long Live The Rocket

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014

  24. 360jeep

    Sparks Angus Farms Logo

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014

  25. 360jeep

    4x8 Sign Proof

    From the album: My Stuff

    © DotyGraphics 2014