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  1. 360jeep

    Grammar police badge

    That is awesome! Thanks!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for sharing! I will make good use of a few of these!
  3. 360jeep

    Byhalia Raceway Money Winner Decals

    Thanks. Yes, I designed it. Quick work using some clip art ant text. Printed a mess of these for a gasser drag race at Byhalia.
  4. 360jeep

    Dog Tags

    Thanks for posting, I downloaded the art and added it to my collection.
  5. 360jeep


    Welcome from Indiana! Post some pics of your work!
  6. 360jeep

    Project Blackflag

    Looks good!
  7. 360jeep

    Really I know better than this !!!

    Yeah, Buyer Beware when it comes to EBAY! I can't believe some of the trash I have seen for sale on there!!
  8. 360jeep

    0121151859 00

    I know what you mean! I love motorsports of all kind, especially dirt sprint car racing. Might be a little far but if you have never been to the dirt races at Gas City, you are missing out!
  9. 360jeep

    help with style of text please

    Looks like Letterhead Convecta. You can find similar fonts on www.dafont.com or just recreate the numbers in vector. Usually that is faster than spending hours searching for the font!
  10. 360jeep

    Hi from south dakota

  11. 360jeep

    Some of my work

    Nice work!
  12. 360jeep

    Newbie from Illinois

  13. 360jeep

    Here is my first go at it......

    Good work!!
  14. 360jeep

    Garage Wall part II, Best Part

    Good work! now all it needs are some vintage looking race parts advertising signs and a few STP stickers!!!! Sweet Vette!