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  1. Gravity

    Vinyl Wrap

    If I am designing a partial wrap for a vehicle for the side of it, do you have to compensate for the curve of the vehicle? This is my first wrap, I am sending the artwork to a printer because I don't own a printer that can do that. I don't want the print job to get to me not perfect. When designing artwork, does anyone have any tips in regard to the wraps? P.S.- this is not a full vehicle wrap, just a left and right side of the whole vehicle.
  2. Gravity

    Need a little help

    sorry, image posted. Not lazy, figured why upload image when it's already on web.
  3. Gravity

    Need a little help

    Can anyone identify this font?
  4. Gravity

    Font Identify

    Looking for the font that is used on this logo, any help would be fantastic and greatly appreciated.
  5. Gravity

    Need Items

    I am in need of someone to print me a tailgate wrap, I have a few questions before printing so I would like to talk via phone if possible. I have the art work already just have a few questions. I am also wanting about 6 fitted hats created with my logo on the front of them. Please PM pricing and or phone number if you would be interested in doing one of these projects for me. Thanks!!!!
  6. Thank you!! I am hoping these turn out, I don't do heat transfer very often and want to do a few hoodies. Thanks again.
  7. I have a little hobby lite 9x11 heat press I believe is the size, it is the smaller one. How would you recommend I do hoodies? I am just wanting to create 3-4 hoodies for personal use and don't really want to buy a bigger heat press if I am not going to do these on a steady basis. How would you do the full length arms? Would you press half and then the other half? I will be using siser easy weed. Also, how would I find the middle back of the hoodie? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  8. Gravity

    Sign Blazer No-nag Download Link?

    Sue - Someone posted a link to download in
  9. Gravity

    Project Blackflag

    That is sweet, great work!
  10. I have read many threads on here in regard to etching. I am wanting to get into etching with a cabinet, but am confused on the pressure for the cabinet. If I am wanting to use aluminum oxide with the HF cabinet what capacity compressor would I need? Could I use a smaller compressor and just have to let it fill up? Or what is the recommend capacity and CFM? I seen a post about a compressor with 20CFM, if I am correct that compressor will be roughly 800-1k price. I don't want to spend 1k on a setup if I don't know if I am going to like it. I am sorry if these questions have been asked before.
  11. Gravity

    New Cutter Setup

    I bought 60* blades from cleancut. I will try your settings and work up and down from there. I have tried .35 offset and below with no success.
  12. Gravity

    New Cutter Setup

    Cal- thanks, I'm using the clean cut cut blades. Where do you adjust overcut?
  13. Gravity

    New Cutter Setup

    It is setup as the above instructions, I got the software to see the vinyl cutter. Trying to dial it in now, been working with it. Got speed at 200, and blade pressure at 200. Getting rounder corners, tried offset at .25 and .30. What is everyone else running thier settings at on this cutter? When I do a test cut WITHOUT the software it is making rounder corners, does this make sense?
  14. Gravity

    Other places to get blanks

    ACP in FL, coastal business
  15. Gravity

    New Cutter Setup

    I apologize and understand your all asking questions to get me where I need to be, I'm thankful for that. Thank you for all your help