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  1. Leland Webb

    Just finished this

    The leading is spot on and this typography.
  2. Leland Webb


    What kind of pressure are you using on the walk tomorrow and do you have an insert that keeps the temperature up when you sublimate?
  3. Leland Webb

    Our latest wrap!

    I want to learn how to do wraps. Some day.....
  4. Hey hey....awesome work on the Harley Quinn/Joker decal....I would LOVE to get that. if you still have it.

  5. Leland Webb

    At my wits end.

    I think I have a winner.
  6. Leland Webb

    Harley Quinn

    No problems there.
  7. Leland Webb

    At my wits end.

    As you can see, I'm not much for the easy approach lol. I enjoy the challenge.
  8. Leland Webb

    At my wits end.

    Aaaaah thank you so very much lol
  9. Leland Webb

    At my wits end.

    Okay, there has got to be an easier way... This is an 8 layer vinyl I'm trying to peice together, I'm using a light box, and I'm trying to use alignment marks. Any one else do anything this crazy?
  10. Leland Webb

    Harley Quinn

    I have the illustrator file for the design. I would be more than happy to share guys! I enjoy designing it.
  11. Leland Webb

    Harley Quinn

    I decided to do a version with the joker as well.
  12. Leland Webb

    Harley Quinn

    I decided that in light of suicide squad in theatres, I would design a new vinyl. Here is how it turned out.
  13. Leland Webb

    Need suggestions.

    Thanks for the advice guys! I love this forum!
  14. Leland Webb

    Need suggestions.

    I came up with the design, and this guy wants me to cut it and send it to him to take somewhere else to get it put on a shirt. I told him that I could not do that. What movie is this from? That was hysterical.
  15. Leland Webb

    Need suggestions.

    So I created a design for HTV. I have a customer that wants me to cut the design for him, and send it to him so that he can take it elsewhere to have it put on a shirt. What should I do. I think I should be the one making the money for the shirt sale as well as the design. Has anyone else had experience with this?