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  1. Grimey

    A little confused...

    Thanks guys. I realized what the codes were after I went and looked at something on my other printer. Dumb question now that I realize it lol.
  2. Grimey

    A little confused...

    Looking at picking up a Epson WF 7110 for sublimation. Looking at the Cobra site there seems to be lots of ink options with very little info. They are labeled "code69" "code 68" etc. What ink would I need? Feel like I'm way over my head with the sublimation stuff but it looks fun as hell also.
  3. Grimey


    Do you realize giving one option is not the smartest thing? I'd be very happy to pay UPS a lot more so I can actually get my package. I understand they have a contract. I also understand it's my money and I will be spending it else where until they have other options.
  4. Grimey


    Mr.fibble, I love uscutter for how fast they ship out. But our driver is absolute crap and I'll refuse to use them any longer Because of him. There was no need to wrap the item in plastic, it's a 20 ft walk to the front door. I even moved my stuff into the living room and left the front door open so I could see him pull up. I stood out in the "rain" for 20 mins while on the phone with fedex and was barely even wet. but last month fedex left my neighbors package on the ground in the snow for 2 days...
  5. Grimey


    Mr.Skeeter you do realize that almost every company ships from more then one company right? Do you work or own FedEx cause your taking this a little personal. I stated my opinion there should be more then 1 option to ship just like other companies. I ordered from stahls and picked UPS for this exact reason. It's really not un heard of.
  6. Grimey


    I understand. But when I dont even have a option of who I choose its upsetting. Id much rather pay more or shop else where rather then use FedEx
  7. Grimey


    The fedex office is about a hour and a half away. I left a message this time to leave it on the porch. They never even came down our drive, said bc of the sprinkling rain it couldnt be delivered.
  8. Grimey


    I love the shipping price. But when my package is left 100 yards away from my house next to the road and we dont know anything about it, its pretty upsetting. Only reason it was found was because my uncle picked it up thinking it was trash.
  9. Grimey


    I have several times and it does no good. Uscutter doesnt give me a option for shipping. Thats why I brought it here.
  10. Is Fed Ex the only company yall ship with? We have a huge problem with them. They leave items in extremely weird places, and wont deleiver when they are suppose to. If I have to ship with Fed Sux I will not be ordering from USCutter again.
  11. Grimey

    Should I hand over the files?

    If you create a design for a company it is your intellectual property unless you told them you give over the rights to that design. Now if you work at a company as a designer and create a design while working there, then that design belongs to that company.
  12. Grimey

    Can anyone design this?

    I'm needing this design but instead of a husky I need it to be a wolf. I paid someone to do it several weeks ago and he has failed to do it. Now trying to get my money back on that. Thanks
  13. Grimey

    can anyone print these?

    Just asked them for size and they said they have the decals taken care Of. How do I delete this post?
  14. Grimey

    can anyone print these?

    Not sure where i need to post this so ill try here.Need a quote for 100 of these for youth football helmets. Thanks in advance.
  15. Grimey

    1st vehicle

    Thanks guys!