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  1. halpain17

    Anyone wanna make a few t-shirts?

    If i were to get some Siser easy weed extra for heat pressing on nylon material for a buddy's ez-up, could I use the leftover vinyl for 50/50 blend shirts? or is the "extra" only for those "special materials" (nylon, spandex, leather, etc.)?
  2. halpain17

    Anyone wanna make a few t-shirts?

    thats what i figured. the star will be around a square ft, and the small logos should fit close to it. I was looking at possibly getting a 15" x 15 roll of Siser Easyweed and giving it a go on some shirts myself. not sure yet.
  3. halpain17

    Anyone wanna make a few t-shirts?

    attached .zip with .ai, .eps and flexi files to original post
  4. halpain17

    Anyone wanna make a few t-shirts?

    Yea. When I get back to the office I'll upload the file. I just copied my standard logo and photo shopped those. Unsure what the sizes of he artwork should be. But I just need about five or six shirts I think. Mix of med and large. 50/50 preferably. I do know a guy who's selling a heat press... I considered buying the vinyl and shirts and doing it myself with his before it sells... But may be worth getting them done
  5. I need a few t-shirts for my sign business, but I don't have a heat press and don't want to get into the shirt business right now, so I wondered if anyone would wanna make me a handful of them? I don't need enough to make it worth screen printing, and it's only black htv on grey and/or red shirts. Part of the artwork wraps the side of the shirt which seems complicated to screen printers anyway. ShirtArtwork.zip
  6. halpain17

    Weirdest ways-time to drum up business?

    Haha yea I know our biomed guys don't do much... Jk. Obviously I'm a slacker.
  7. halpain17

    Weirdest ways-time to drum up business?

    I am an I.T.guy for a hospital during the day so I am not ashamed to say I drum up most of my business and even draw most of my artwork on my PC at work while I'm on the clock. A lot of times I even sneak out to decal a vehicle or something...
  8. Can't argue with that, but on a small scale for a new business, it's much easier to use a bit of time than spend a bit of money. I haven't posted anything this month on facebook now, due to referral business growing and no available time. On a side note, I bet its close to equal time to do what I do and reach about 5-10k people, as it would take to place a paid ad. Still have to create it and upload the photo. To me, time spent doing nothing is not worth anything. For new guys, with plenty of free time, it's an easy way to build a customer base. Edit: I don't mean the OP is new; just thought some new guys might run across this thread for advertising ideas.
  9. Personally, I don't spend a penny on ads, but get most of my work off of facebook. I do have a business page, and I post a couple of pics from nearly every job i do. Then I've personally joined alot of "Local Garage Sale, Buy/Sell/Trade, Real Estate, small Business" and other private groups on facebook. Everyday, multiple times, I share a couple of specific pics that relate to a group on it's page, and I add some specific info. This gets me alot of messages asking for quotes, and I get alot of work to fill empty time. Example: I might post a pic of a coupe of real estate signs in the "Local Homes for sale or rent group". and i'll say "Any realtors, property managers, or owners want you property to sell/rent quicker? Message me for a quote to make your property seen with professional real estate signs. No job too big or small! I can do other signs and decals as well, so other custom requests are welcome!"
  10. halpain17

    Bridge Cutting Plotter (new to me) HELP

    Glad I finally stubled upon your thread Bert. Man, I remember my first cut on my Puma iii. I watched a video that said "a credit card thickness" on the blade depth. so without looking at what it was curently set on out of box, I began adjusting. The first cut sliced right through the vinyl, backing, and cut strip. I found the safest thing for me was to adjust the blade down to visibly flush with the holder, and then go the closest direction to "0". then I adjusted to about .5 deeper than the vinyl I was using followed by a test cut. I then adjusted from there based on the cut until I got optimal performance. Maybe not the usual way of doing things, but safer for me. I keep my equipment in the garage due to a lack of room, and a new arrival to our family, so I just clean it often with alcohol wipes. Of course I'd probably do the same inside our home, It's pretty windy and dusty here in west Texas.
  11. halpain17

    is this price-able?

    I have looked and looked and cant find any trade shows in my area. Probably the closest place for me that would have shows is Dallas. The latex printer looks like a good deal. a little higher in price, but if it eliminated laminate it'd be totally worth it. I wasn't sure though if you could use the same media, because no media says latex, only sol, eco-sol, uv.
  12. halpain17

    is this price-able?

    hmm ok. i assumed it might be because it uses alot of roland parts. of course im sure alot of these share similar cut strips, blades, etc. It looks like price wise I may be able to get the roland gx-500 in the same price range.
  13. halpain17

    is this price-able?

    Thanks, yea I don't have any experience with rips. I do have another friend who owns one of the largest sign companies here, so I guess I'll talk with him and try to learn a little. Currently, I've been using a GCC Puma iii which seems to be a re-branded roland. I guess since it has ARMS, I could order some of the 8.5x11 sheets for my desktop printer and play with a few small trial runs....
  14. halpain17

    is this price-able?

    lol, thanks for the worry fellas (and ladies). The contact isn't unknown to me. It's a friend of mine. Doesn't make me positive that the deal with go thru, but I do at least know them. And the company is a very well known nation wide corporation. I just am not mentioning them because I don't want 50 people to try to find a contact to underbid me (no offense). My friend is the regional marketing rep for "corp x" and i and my wife have done quite a bit for her, so since she has the opportunity she is trying to reciprocate by getting us this bid. I definitely will be having my lawyer look over the contract if/when we recieve it, before signing. And then waiting for the check, depositing it, and waiting a couple more days for it to clear. Once I have a cleared check I will be making my equipment purchases, and beginning work. Mama didn't raise no fool. Question tho folks... If this happens and/or in the future, I was considering the PrismJet 48", the EnduraLam 55", the EnduraTrim 60", and the VE Q54" Cutter. I saw some posts about the VE cutters not actually having ARMS. And it does say something about "Available ARMS", which doesn't sound good to me... so I was considering the Graphtec FC8600 54" instead. I found that I can pick this all up for about 17.5k-18.5k depending on those cutters. What do you guys think? I'd prefer to support USCutter, but didn't see eco-sol printers that weren't cutter combos. And I don't want a combo, because I want to have the availability to use all machines at once. I also couldn't fins any trimmers here, just large expensive table trimmers. I don't know anything about the HP Latex Printers. I know they say 5-year outdoor while the eco-sol say 3-year outdoor. So does the HP not need laminate for most outdoor applications? and can a latex printer print to all the same vinyls as a eco-sol?
  15. halpain17

    is this price-able?

    Yea thanks. Its a blessing for sure! Just trying not to get my hopes up until I have a deposited check.