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  1. I have the weed lines per section (horizontally) but not per letter. That would be insane to me. My cutter is 2 feet from my computer desk so i've been cutting 2 rows at a time, then weeding right away while the next 2 cut. No problems at all.
  2. Does the time from cut to weed matter? I changed the settings on the cut until I had a row of 3 cutting to my liking. Went ahead and cut out 100, about 33 rows, and had it pause every 4 rows so I could it off and not have a long piece to work with. Now, 4 hours later I start weeding and it's worse than before I messed with the settings. Different letters are pulling up no matter what I do and it's different from cut to cut. One design weeds fine, then the next would pull ALL the design up... I don't think i'll be able to salvage anything.
  3. I'm going to go back on what I said and say it IS the vinyl... check out this video using a different vinyl: https://youtu.be/lV8Aohn9RiU
  4. 3 Month old Graphtec CE6000-60, 90% of jobs cut and weed perfectly, but then there are a few that have troublespots, and it's usually with anything smaller than .75". I've attached the design (cutting at 7 inches wide) if anyone wants to give it a try. My problem areas are the first 2 letters in the website and the left side "leg" of the logo dude. Normally I can weed from any position at any speed and it rips out perfect. With this, and other small items, it's becoming a pain no matter how fast or slow I weed. Arlon 5000 white vinyl Clean cut 45 blade, blue blade holder (blade is 2 weeks old) Offset 0 Speed 30 Accel 2 Force 7 I would have blamed the problems on the vinyl but all other aspects of the designs weed right out. It seems that these pointy bits stay attached no matter what I do... overcut, faster(50) slower(5), more force( less force(6), less blade depth etc etc. Corners of letters are cutting fine, it's just these spots.. Check out this video to see what I mean. ------------- https://youtu.be/hgyCmQby27A LKNathleticClub2.ai
  5. I have had a few customers want quick quotes on vehicle decals. Mainly on f150 truck doors and rear lift gate. I don't know the size of these things until I physically measure them. Is there a site that has all these measurements for vehicles so I can look it up in the future?
  6. levy4u

    Something different!

    Great. Another thing I will be spending money on... what setup you have to do that?
  7. levy4u

    Heat Press Accessories

    Paypal Credit and/or Amazon Store Card 12+ months of interest free payments. I try to use them both equally then ask for credit increases every 6 months so I have it if I need it. I actually use them alot. Needed new brakes (rotors, pads) and suspension components and it's nice to spread it out and not "lose" a few hundred dollars right away.
  8. levy4u

    A few Epson question

    Ah, sounds like Pigment it is! Thanks
  9. levy4u

    A few Epson question

    I want pigment inks, but like the idea of sublimating onto other items as well... I don't have a setup yet so my question is the quality difference between Dye Sub and Pigment. Does anyone have a side by side of the same logo on the same garment using each type?
  10. I've got a question that kind of relates to this... How do you market vinyl to the "normal folks"? I am going to put a couple decals on my car and am wondering what will make sense. I was thinking "Vinyl Graphics" but that doesn't really make sense if you don't already know what vinyl (decals, stickers, signs etc) is used for.
  11. Good stuff, I am just trying to group the "what should I charge" topics under a single heading to help out some people. Myself included. What do you propose for the example in the first post for an order of 5 4w" x 6"h single color decals? Simple weeding, let's say a hand print design, solid fill.
  12. levy4u

    Mark up on cost?

    I guess to me being the person doing it, peeling away a 5" strip vs a 24" strip is really no additional labor (but it is). These are the things i need to get in my head, please preach away! I definitely don't want to be the lowest price around, i figured total vinyl area is used in the formula. My normal routine is to google a related job such as "Single Color Vinyl Decal" and see what the top websites come up as and use their calculator. Then I do a method of my choosing and see if i am comparable.
  13. Can we start this thread and use it to post what everyone charges for various types of jobs? Maybe include an image and price preferably in a format that can be expanding upon such as (L+W)/2 or $0.11/sq inch and include an example so we know when to use each formula: Retail Differences for 4"w x 6"h Single Color Vinyl Decal 4"w x 6"h Single Color Vinyl Decal (L+W)/2 = (6+4)/2 = 10/2 = $5/decal 4"w x 6"h $0.11/sq inch Single Color Vinyl Decal (4 x 6) x 0.11 = 24 x 0.11 = $2.64/decal 4"w x 6"h $1/linear inch of 24" vinyl Single Color Vinyl Decal 6" h = $6 for 5 Decals ( 5 across with weed border) $1.20/decal Single Color Vinyl "I charge $1 an inch based on the longest measurement. 4x6 is $6. If it's a really long skinny design I adjust it down accordingly for example I do windshield banners for $20-$25 all the time and they usually cap at 4" x 60 max." - jaybird Notes: "There are as many pricing calculators as there are people doing this - it all changes depending on the job - you can calculate all the above variables in but when that weeding gets more complicated the price goes up as labor cost goes up...500 circles are much different than cutting 500 spider webs for example" -dakotagrafx
  14. levy4u

    Mark up on cost?

    I'm new to this world as well and until I find a pricing scheme I am comfortable with and know what I am dealing with, I do $0.11/sq inch so that would be $22. Now if they wanted 4 of them, you could fit all 4 in that same 40"w on a 24" cutter. So $22 x 4 = $88, to me that sounds high so I would switch to $1/linear inch which would be $40 and say it was a quantity discount. Seems like a big discount to me which i why I mentioned being comfortable in the first sentence...sending out that email with the 2 prices would feel strange but always posting on here "What should I charge" is a crutch (to me) but until I figure out the scenarios and how to price them accordingly, it is my/our only option. Another way is (L+W)/2 , so (5+40)/2 = $22.5, and 4 of them (24+40)/2 = $32 . As you can see there are a few pricing models and each one gives a pretty different price. The trick is to use the correct one for the situation and also take into account your time on the job and the cost of materials etc. All things I am trying to figure out myself as well.
  15. All good points, i'm going to politely probe about why the previous printer is not in picture, maybe they are just trying to price gouge them and get a lower rate but ill make sure the indicated price is due to Quantity and Charity. Now if they are going to announce my business at all the events and what not... maybe that's a trade off ill consider for a bit over cost. I believe they are reselling the items and not just including it in a registration package so they are looking for a margin of their own.