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  1. This happens on any media now and on any position on the media, whether it is 1" from the edge or right in the middle. It has just seemed to get worse over time. At one point we printed and cut on clear static cling with no errors, now I can't even cut any matte material. Is there a way to clean the sensor? I didn't see it in the manual. Thanks again
  2. Just to confirm, I have an FC8000 and these settings were similar and solved a similar problem.
  3. Hello, New to the forum and I appreciate any help in advance. I'd like to start by saying we've been using this cutter for about 6 months and have only recently been encountering this problem more often. We've tried on a range of media, such as: As well as generic white solvent printable vinyls. We use the Graphtec type 2 registratin marks at 20mm wide, 4 corners. Typically we are not cutting larger than 50" x 50" so there is not a skew concern. Whereas, 3 months ago I could print registration marks on any media and contour cut with ease, recently the ARMS system is not reading the marks. I have auto-adjusted the ARMS system as well as manually adjusted the sensitivity from 30 through 90 with no success. We have read through the entire (poorly worded) chapter on the ARMS system and nothing has worked. We have even tried cleaning it. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you,