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  1. The color is white and/or gray. So I added a photo. The motherboard (assuming it's the main board) said it was Graphtec "PN6073-01c" . Which did not match the part number in the graphtec fc7000 manual but I was unable to find the part number for the Q75.
  2. I have Graphtec FC7000-75 that, when attached, comes up as a Vinyl Express Q75. Will not work with the FC7000-75 drivers, only the Vinyl Express Q75 drivers. So, what's up? what do I have? The firmware is at 3.51 which matches (version number anyway) the FC7000-75 MK2 firmware number. Think there's a Vinyl Express Q75 mainboard in my FC7000-75??? If so, what's up with the firmware number? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx, Steve
  3. I'm attempting to upgrade my FC7000 to v3.90 firmware. When I try, I get a "Bad Firmware" message and a continuous beeping on the cutter. Any ideas? Any help is very much appreciated. Thx Steve