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  1. This is a truck we recently did. It was not as easy as it looks. There was a lot of cutting with all the doors, handles, vents ect. We use 3m 7125 vinyl. I have worked some numbers and know where I am. But curious where others would be. I am still struggling with pricing and hate leaving money on the table with this one.
  2. bradqr1954

    Some Help Please

    Some help with this one please. Thanks Brad
  3. bradqr1954

    Any ideas please

    Wolf's bane
  4. bradqr1954

    Any ideas please

    Got it. Thanks for looking.
  5. bradqr1954

    Any ideas please

    Anyone have any idea on the fonts in this. Thanks Brad
  6. bradqr1954

    I'm looking for this grin

    I did something like that grin one time. I did was find a picture of an A-10 and traced it out in Illustrator. If I can find the file I will post it.
  7. bradqr1954

    1st race car decal job

    Not sure how you sized the logos. But when I do race cars or any vehicle, I usually take a picture of it with a piece of 8.5x11 piece of paper taped to it. Then I do my design work. The when the design is ready for print or cut. I make an 8.5 inch line. Then I size the picture with the design to match the line using the piece of paper. Car looks good.
  8. bradqr1954

    Clip art help Might have some generic stuff.
  9. bradqr1954

    race cars

    Nice work. Maybe we could talk some time and you give me some tips.
  10. bradqr1954

    Todays Install.

    Love the font. Wish I knew what it is.
  11. bradqr1954

    FC 7000 issue

    Thanks for all the advice. It was a mechanical issue.
  12. bradqr1954

    FC 7000 issue

    This is what I get. I cut them three across and all were the same.
  13. bradqr1954

    Any Ideas

    Thank you
  14. Hello everyone. I bought a fc 7000 a while ago and I am having an issue with it cutting. So far I have changed the blade and figured out I had to much blade exposed. I just can't get it to cut exactly right and feel like I am small adjustment away. I have attached an image. Both numbers are slightly of all the way across the vinyl. I am thinking it is an adjustment, All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for your help. Brad PS my setting are force 16, speed 15, quality 4 and offset +2
  15. bradqr1954

    Any Ideas

    uhg. Should have known. Lets try again.