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  1. Well something worked! Thanks for all the suggestions, not 100% sure which it was that worked finally
  2. I have it connected through the usb cord, and I selected the cutter make and model in SCALp. I thought about trying to hook it up with the other cable it came with (my husband would know the name of it!), but I only have 2 slots on my computer for that type and my printer and monitor are using them. I may need to unplug the printer to try it out though. Or will the connection cord matter? Again, it's not saying it cna't find the cutter, or anything like that. It's just not do ing ANYTHING.
  3. Sorry, I'm new to USCutter and to these forums! I have the SC Series plotter, running SCAL 3 Pro on Windows 7
  4. I just put my plotter together and turned it on, installed drivers and SCAL but it's not cutting when I try to cut. It doesn't say it's not connected, just doesn't do anything once it says the cut has been sent to the machine. I also tried the "test connection" option from SCAL before I tried cutting anything and the rollers and blade don't move. So it's obviously not detecting the cutter. Anything I missed? Any ideas? Thanks!