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  1. Ok that is awesome info, I read a few years back that people were installing and deleting the program becuase of some trail period. Maybe is misread, but thanks for the tip!!
  2. Finally found the driver here: I will have to wait until tomorrow before I test it, I hope it's compatible with a serial conection.
  3. Ok I think it's a Copam-2500, still trying to find the driver. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!
  4. Wow thank you very much for the quick reply. I will try the Signblazer, how can I use it for longer than the trial period since the company doesn't exist anymore? Does anyone know what type of Copam this plotter is so I can download the driver.
  5. (as noted by the forum mebers this is not a creation plotter, this is a Copam plotter) I'm still searching for the driver. Hi everyone! We have had a JSI-24 plotter for about 10 years now, the PC that we were using had a fatal HD crash and we lost the cutting software and the drivers. I have been searching for days for the driver for this plotter. It only has a parallel and serial port on it. Could some one please help identify the correct creation model number? Or could some one please tell me where I can download the driver? I found an old flexisign 6.5 software and installed it. The JSI-24 isn't listed. Another option is using a compatible driver from another plotter, does anyone know one that would work? Again thanks in advance for any help in this matter.