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  1. JonnnScott

    Another script

    And if you look at the dates they are just about 1 a month. I only post on here when I cannot figure it out myself( not my full time job or even part time. And not very tech savvy when it comes to it). Figured that is what these forums are for. Sorry for asking for help. Ill figure it all out for myself next time. Great to see this forum is full of people that would rather give you a hard time than to help you out every so often when you need it.
  2. JonnnScott

    Another script

    There is a 30 day trial. But I used it last time I needed a font about 2 months ago. So it wouldnt let me use it again, I can only buy it now.
  3. JonnnScott

    Another script

    Im not in any rush what so ever. Not even needed this month. Figured I would get ahead of the game if my sister ever makes up her mind on what she wants. I dont run a business, dont need to identify fonts every day, week, month. Why spend $50 on something ill never use? That's a waste of money if you ask me.
  4. JonnnScott

    Another script

    Wow thanks for your help! Do you have a problem with me? I see you can help others that ask for a font but you have to tell me to buy something when I ask for it? I figured the FONT section of a forum was here to help identify fonts.
  5. JonnnScott

    Another script

    Anyone have an idea of this font?
  6. JonnnScott

    What font?

    Tried to use a couple online identifiers and couldnt find it.
  7. JonnnScott

    Another one.

    I had someone help me out. Thanks folks. One day ill get good enough to do it on my own. But glad ya'll are here.
  8. JonnnScott

    Another one.

    If I had a scanner I would be all over that.. lol
  9. JonnnScott

    Another one.

    That is from the company the guy bought his wheels from. They sent him that decal, he wants all silver to match his car instead of the random colors.
  10. JonnnScott

    Another one.

    That's what I was thinking. Wonder if someone can recreate it for me
  11. JonnnScott

    Another one.

  12. JonnnScott

    Need two fonts

    Both worked perfect. Thank you
  13. JonnnScott

    Need two fonts

    Just need the font of "Pools and spas" and the address.
  14. JonnnScott

    How do you price large quantities?

    No its all the same amount. But $750 for 150 decals seems a bit much. I didnt know if there was a special equation that is used when calculating mass amounts. I dont have a business or anything like that so any money is just cash in my pocket.
  15. I had someone ask what I would charge for 150, one color 4"x6" script font decals. I have no idea what I would charge for a large order. I know some people offer a discount for large amounts but I dont want to cut myself short or overcharge and scare them away. I know for single decals I can normally charge $1 an inch, so a 4x6" could be $6 or I could do L+W/2 and get $5 for the same decal.