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    Foam pad

    So, I've been getting top platen edge lines on my golf towels. Coastal recommends foam pad under towel smaller than platen so the edges don't hit the towel. Do I need any special foam or could I get something at like Hobby Lobby or Joanns? I could order it from coastal but I don't want to wait Thanks all Joe
  2. lablover

    Rifle vectors

    Looking for a decent AR-15 and M1 Garand Vector. Everything I have found is not anywhere near cut ready and way too many lines.... Thanks all Joe
  3. lablover

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Prayers to the Family. Rest in Peace my Marine Brother!
  4. So, it finally happened and I'm over the moon excited...I early to get excited but its exciting non the less... anyway One of my SandBlasted beer mug designs just got noticed by a good size company in the shooters community. They are very well respected by about 99% of the shooting community. Anyway, its for a sandblasted design I do on a Beer mug. Some details The mug I get from the dollar store. After cutting a template etc I have maybe 1.10 in materials. I normally sell these to guys at 14-17 dollars. This Retail outlet wants me to put together a price for them...Gotta say, I'm at a loss. I know they want a better price than I'm doing now so they can obviously make a profit themselves.. Where in the world do I start !! I want an attractive price for them but also want to make sure I don't loose money myself. Honestly I never thought I would be approved with this but it happened and I'm "GEEKED" Can anyone set me on the right path. The good thing is they are also all over any new ideas I have as well...I already have a few in the works. HELP I habe to say......Fellin pretty good right now Side note Can lets say objects like Beer mugs be done via Laser? Not sure if thats only a flat surface thing....Looking for Go C advise here
  5. So, Business has been getting pretty good and I think its time for an upgrade Was thinking of a Hot tronix Fusion 16x20 Fir those that own one..Did you think it was the right choice? I like the pull out table. Is it accurate temp wise What can you tell me about this to me seems caddy
  6. lablover

    Rolling a banner

    So, what way is best to roll up a finished banner that was done in Vinyl. I'm gonna guess the work on the inside but I spent tons of time on this no way I goof it up by rolling it up wrong...LOl Joe
  7. Thats sort of what i end up doing...
  8. So, my Graphtec has been chugging along pretty good but now is starting to act up a bit. First issue is when I have a design and tell Cutmaster to repeat the cut design several times. si I have it use the entire length of my Vinyl The last design to the far left of the cutter is the hardest to weed...seems like I'm not getting complete cut thru the Vinyl. It also has some issues of the design being a bit jagged on some lines. Replaced the blade to a new Clean Cut 60 deg blade. The design is pretty detailed and smallish and it only really happens on the last design on the width of the vinyl. So, the last one all the way on the left side of the cutter. Say I had 5 in a row, the last one cut on the left is the worse. Clear as mud right? >>>LOL I've been using my cutter pretty hard so not sure anything needs asjusting etc. Look forward to any ideas BTW 24" vinyl Thank all Joe
  9. LOL..Join the club. Only thing I can think of is the strip is not as thick on that end..It's not the end of the world honestly but a tiny pain in the butt. I'm usually using 15" so it may have been like this all along? My thought anyway
  10. The cutting strip is pretty much un touched.
  11. Time is Money Right now I have more time than Money so it's a wash. I'm still thinking of bitting the bullet on this because I hate the tape up after I layout the design on the glass...What a PIA. doesn't take too long but ugggg I hate it for some reason. I watched a few videos and they seem to blast at 30psi..Seems pretty tame to me. I blast at 90 psi and that makes just a nice frosting. I'm trying to find a blast gun like the had in the video..Pretty slick and accurate.
  12. Yup And then promptly forgot them the day after...But yea, I wish I would of invested then...
  13. My current pricing retail would not really allow me to use this Rayzist. Wow, that paper and film aint cheap. I'm curious how I could raise my price to use this without everyone going nuts. Rayzist is saying roughly 1.00 per square inch. My design is 5x5 and I'm getting 15.00 for a mug. With vinyl that pretty good cause vinyl is cheap. I'd have to charge 25.00 per mug which I'm sure they would pay but not the Large firm I'm talking about. I'll tell you what, it sure would save a butt load of time I wish I would not have looked at it..It sure is the cats A$$
  14. WOW I need to give this a try. Yup, I can see adding Rock glasses to the collection now.... THANKS ARTY!!! Joe
  15. lablover

    Screen Printing

    I'd be game for some as well.
  16. I actually need to get with you about my design on small rock glasses. I can't cut and weed that small without using a ton of time.
  17. Not a real big deal but pretty excited to do one finally. Here is a pic of what i need to make..Pretty simple and the GVW does not need to be included. Single color only. 13"high by 30" wide Image shown is not a representation of size they need I was thinking around 30 bucks ea. Being this is my first I'd like to lowball it a bit so I can get them for more business down the road..However I don't want to give away the farm. They will install. also, do the US DOT fonts and numbers have to be a certain height and weight? Thanks Folks Joe
  18. 3" it is....And, I'm not installing.....Hmmm, might need to make them 2
  19. Ordering the 751 as we speak. Pretty sure DOT letters/Fonts have to be at least 2" and readable at 50 ft
  20. lablover

    El Capitan ver 10.11

    That is awesome news!!!
  21. lablover

    El Capitan ver 10.11

    Anyone with a Graphtec upgrade OSX yet? If so did you have any issue cutting? Have not updated yet and will hold off till I know it works... Thanks Folks Joe
  22. lablover

    Rolling a banner