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  1. vics


    I've had good luck just unplugging the cutter for a bit / use usb only If you can
  2. vics

    Gaphtec Stuido/ Graphtec Pro Stuido

    Dakotagrafx is correct, I export as an illustrator file .ai had to use an older version before it worked illustrator 8
  3. Have a Graphtec. If we put a pen in and load paper can we print a pdf file ie. plans or blueprints or if not can it be converted?
  4. vics

    Vinyl Express Q Series

    I have a Q30, Mutoh 1204, Flexi pro 11 cloud. Since may 2014 my life has been a living hell When they work all is good, but they never do consistently and if you got them at SW you're stuck with them Get a real Graphtec Flexi is the worst piece of crap I've ever used. I paid for other software just to cut. Mutoh, good luck, cost is the only reason anyone should buy one. You must be a high volume shop to keep it running smoothly. Use their inks only and be prepared for lots of maintenance cleaning
  5. vics

    Vinyl Mastrr V4?

    skarekrowAnything to add about vinylmaster since june? I'd love to replace flexi with this.
  6. vics

    Cut master 3 to Q30

    Thanks for your reply. Bummed badly too. Is suicide to radical?
  7. Has anyone figured out how to get Graphtec's CM3 to work on a Vinyl Express Q30. I've downloaded fx8600 drivers and installed on a separate print profile but cut master will not connect. Only need it for one reason Flexi Pro 11 is not compatible with Corel x6 nor am I compatible with it. Once I buy Vinylmaster it's for sale. CM3 is an excellent plugin for Corel X6 and would solve half my problems for now.