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  1. no problem bud.
  2. oh ok... let me know if you find your answer bud. Ill keep helping as much as possible .
  3. updated previous post..
  4. let me know if you cant read this on this other forum im part of.many people complaining about the 3M IJ35C. one person said Re-Linearization should be all you need to do .. here is the post --- another place, seems possible the answer? -- not sure if this is any help since i dont do print or have knowledge in this area..Just trying to help you as much as possible
  5. Also called join or unite as well if you use ai etc.just a little note.
  6. Sorry my pc is still under the knife otherwise i would be helping you out easily.. Take a very good picture and re-create what you need ,Just get accurate measurements.
  7. oh ok... I did notice the weeding lines stand out more now in the update when you go to add them unless my eyes are messing with me lol.
  8. Once you get it dialed in you will have perfect cuts on anything you do. It doesnt take much adjustment when messing with the blade to make it cut different. I know on my cutter i have my blade sticking out just a little more than its supposed to which allowed me to bump my pressure from 36 down to 33 . I noticed that i still had a lot of the blade not sticking out for full potential cutting which also made my blade holder almost touch or barely touch the vinyl which at first caused vinyl to be pulled up by drag. Now i have room and it cuts like a dream. For me my pressure runs from 33-36 on oracal 651,751 etc and on the 3m camo i run it at 39-41 i believe. For Siser htv i run it at about 36. Every cutter will be at different pressures unless they happen to get them set the same by luck lol..
  9. @JLS Design ..Im not sure if they fixed the ( check for latest update ) in scalps or not,. even tho it says you have the latest you still may not without actually manually doing it. So Check with what version you have first in your SCALPS ,then go to and click on downloads then check the latest version thats out and go from there. Even if you have the latest ,you can still re download the file to make sure yours didnt miss anything during last install you did. ,
  10. Great cutter to start with.I like mine alot .I have the 24" (28) Which size did you go with tho?
  11. Welcome From Calif.
  12. @Dakotagrafx I understand now... Thanks bud.
  13. @Karebear Here is the driver if needed for what you have listed. When you download the file to your computer, you might have to right click on it and run it as Administrator to make sure it installs properly. Have we even found out if the driver got installed or not ? here is the driver from uscutter for windows.. @Dakotagrafx Since i dont know much about the keyspan ,Why does she need one if it has a USB port according to uscutters website.I thought the keyspan was for the serial port? Or am i wrong on that also lol.... .or is there a difference between a MH MK2 and a MH 871 . I dont follow these cutters and i guess i should so i know if they are the same or not. I couldnt fint the MH MK2 on the cutter page. Im gonna get schooled i feel it haha.. mh_mk2_driver.exe
  14. Is this a legit copy of SCALPS 2 ? or a hacked copy from back then when they got themselves in trouble? The original Scalps or Scalps2 i believe was the version that was messed with .. IF its a legit version then try going to craftedge and re-download the software here ( Just scroll down where its says Download "Sure Cuts A Lot 1, 2 & 3" and click the link and then input your required info..You can also contact them on there website if you get no luck with the info i provided about the comm Port issue,, Just open scalps and click help,support and tech support and fill the info and they will get back to you pretty quick. Or If it is a legit version ,then pay the cheap upgrade fee to get the better version.The newer version is much better than the older ones by a lot.
  15. I have never messed with a keyspan so im not really sure if the following will work the same as i did this for a different situation,,,,So Follow the link below....This is how i had to do it for a special usb cable for programming a ham radio that had to be on a certain comm port etc... It should be the same hopefully. Read how to first open the device manager page so you can see the comm ports .then plug in the keyspan etc until you see it pop up in the comm port list,then follow the instructions below.,Let me know what happens and ill check some things if needed ..
  16. New update guys ,,The latest version for Scalps4pro is now 4.063 here you go from Even tho you use scalps to check for a newer update ,it is still having an update check issue, So always go to their website to manually check for a newer version number.... Here is what has been done so far ... Weeding lines appear more visible to me for one. Fixed a problem with cutting with CAMEO 3 cropping off design Fixed a problem importing certain SVG files Fixed a problem with the Brush and Erase tools Fixed a problem with incorrect weed lines Fixed a problem with Cut Extras tab cutting rows/columns switched
  17. So i did an update check and it said i had a current version ( which was 4.048) but when i went to the site there was a newer version--------- So what i learned was if you have SCALPS 4 Pro has a new version of 4.062. If you do an update check and it tells you that there isnt one and you have an older version, just go to the website and click download and it will update it manually and bring you up to date..Here is the link for 4 and 4 Pro--- I sent a message to craftedge to let them know i found an update check issue..
  18. lol oh ... I help so many people i loose track lol
  19. Can you send me one of your files please. Im going to do some research on this ..
  20. If you need help in ai let me know ,I would be more than willing to help out.
  21. why not just re-make it on your own. Find a few images of this car and go for it .. If you have access to the car as well then you have no worries , just get your measurements and desing.
  22. I run just a basic 4 port Powered USb Port hub with the laptops i have, Doesnt seem to give me an issue...
  23. I think its a luck of the draw on those low end ones.. But we will see what others may say.
  24. Nice job bud.... What printer do you have ? @cardudenc is probably curious as well lol