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    I love my Photography and always will. But after finding This new thing called Vinyl ( LOL ) is just awesome.

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About Me

I enjoy helping everyone.I will bend over backwards for just about anyone that doesnt abuse my help. I dont ask for anything in return but do appreciate offers or help in return if possible or even just a thank you..

My favorite software and or Programs--

1. Ai - Adobe Illustrator- Amazing design software to create just about anything you can think of for vectors and more.

2. Adobe Lightroom 6.1 , For editing Professional photos

3.Find My Font- Searches the web for a accurate or as close as possible font you  are needing from an image etc---

4. Sure Cuts A Lot 4Pro( AKA SCALPS4PRO)---- Free Demo here  at       

   Or buy it with no demo from

5. Teamviewer12-  For a live view interaction for teaching and or file sharing .Allows another person to see what you see on your or their computer and vise versa.

6. Vector Magic- Amazing tracing software that helps when you need it .

If you have any questions on any of these please send me a Pm.