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  1. Well have them remove the Pm , and i will start posting everything  here.. And that goes for personal converstaions as well. Like one person who Contacted ME who i never had talked to before and they were just having a bad slump in life and seen how helpful i was a took it upon them self to Pm me,asked for help on something if i  remember correctly ,.This person was going thru depression etc and the talk i had with them made their day. They were in a better mood etc. Did i have to do this or care  no. But its how i am and was raised, Im sorry for being so straight forward of a person on helping.



  2. And you always will.... Im a one on one helper most of the time ....  You have no idea how many people actually send me pm's without posting about it asking me questions on my cutter,scalps etc... I guess i  should start complaining about it ,,,, Ive already had a talk with dakotagrfx about one thing i did awhile ago and it was taken care of.. And i have done it since.. I dont try to sell anything . I offer my advice ,explain how i do things, Its not my fault if i get a pm , And its not against the rules to offer like i do... Ive said it once before , I will always offer help thru a pm, if i see somene struggling on something....  I guess i wuill just stop answering my messages from those qho contact me....  

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  3. How is it hiding something  if i m telling him to contact me if he has questions about it or show him how it works  and sometimes showing to better than talking,writing about it  ,,  .... @cardudenc has had me show him how it works when he mentioned it awhile ago when he was having issues with Vm, After seeing it ,he bought it...   Anymore backgrounds checks ?

  4. On 2/5/2018 at 11:42 AM, kctrader said:

    As I was getting my morning caffeine, I was watching two guys remove a large exterior window decal from the local Quik Trip (and thinking how I was glad it was not me).

    The air temperature was 9 degrees.   They were using two heat guns attempting to loosen it up and not having much luck.     Just wondering, is there any danger in breaking the glass by applying spot heat like that when it is that cold outside?   Anyone know or have any experience?   Thanks.

    If the heat applied slow enough and even it will be fine. If the glass is heated to fast it will not be good . Ive seen this happened and thats where i learned to use shop lights at a distance and let it slowly warm up. Very rarely do i use a heat gun on glass.

  5. 17 hours ago, eprcvinyls said:

    So i was trying to figure out how many Sq foot will be in my rolls of Vinyl I just ordered. I ordered 12"x6foot rolls of Oracal 751

    trying to look online 1 sq foot is 12"x12" right or 144 sq inches?

    so how would i figure out how much is in my 12 inch wide by 6 foot long.

    you need to know the sq foot then to know how many is in it to figure out how much per Sq foot you have correct?

    Talked to the Post office lady today and looks like cheapest i could ship a 5"x8" decal would be $3.50 cause that would be in a padded envelope with tracking.. Or she said if i wasn't worried about tracking i could use a regular envelope type and mail for $1 cheaper.

    I don't know how much shipping i will do but might do some.. I'm thinking to charge a min of $4 for shipping, The envelopes cost me $1 for 2 of them from dollar tree.

    At first I was thinking for a small 5" or 6"X 6" or 10" decal just charging something like $10.00 but looking online not sure that is any where close.

    Was thinking a bigger one 12"x12" up to maybe a 12"x24" (this would be for smaller lettering) charging something like maybe $25  these are just numbers off top my head. If someone wanted Huge 12 inch letters for something and long i would charge more.I'm not sure any of you give discounts the more people order or maybe you charge more cause takes longer to weed out more stickers? I seen couple posts where people said they add in a Hourly rate on how long it takes them to do the design, cut them,weed them and have them ready.. I guess we should be charging for our designing part also. however i do plan to just make some neat sayings and things and anyone who wants those i will have already to just cut and sell.

    T shirts i want to do but not sure at all how to do those. Do most just let people give them the shirts and just charge for doing them or do you buy the shirts and charge more for the total price.


    thanks for any input im sure i will get all sorts of replys.




    Send me a pm bud. I have a vinyl calculator you may just like.

  6. 2 hours ago, Guest KLW said:

    I apologize for the incorrect terminology.  I am trying to figure out if VM cut is sufficient or if I need to upgrade or switch to Sure Cuts a Lot all together.  I want to be able to cut out vinyl paint stencils that contain fancy lettering.  I just have not been able to do that in the cut version. 

    Im running Sclaps4pro and just love it. I know i dont do everything within scalps but it has definately done when ive need it to .. Any questions send me a pm.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    wow - here I could never get near $37.50 per garment after supplies - you are in a great area

    Well whats weird is with every job i do. I always get a very nice tip so thats included in that amount ive made...   The biggest tip i have received for doing 2 sweaters at $20 each was $ 50 cause i dont charge a design fee, Most shops here charge $85 For a setup fee and $35 for more than 1 preview and adjustment made.   But on the average Tips are a huge with me for some reason ,I guess because im quick on turn around.  I average anywhere from 10 to 20 bucks tip every order.Same with my decals. 15-20 for tips and more usually  lol. And there is more screen Printers here than anyone doing Htv. . I get a lot of businesses.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    I have not seen near the errors with the sc/sc2 for static - I would try it first without the extra string thingie

    I was curious if the static was fixed in that cutter like the other lower end ones, I was just talking to someone else about it cause it was acting crazy ( like a static issue would cause) when they tried cutting some things..

  9. 2 minutes ago, eprcvinyls said:

    guess im doing something wrong, when i try to export as a jpeg it wont open

    For me  since i use scalps now-----Anything i make, i export from scalps as svg  or save it from Ai  as a svg. Its much easier to keep them as one file type.  Even if i get a eps sent to me i change it to svg. just how i do it ...


    why are you trying to save it as a jpeg?

  10. No worries bud.

    According to their page it says this for the basic Vm cut -- AI, EPS, PDF & SVG import/export (inc. text, images, gradients etc.)


    File (menu) > Import > File

    You want them as either .ai, .eps or .pdf (not an image).

    the above was posted by Vinylmaster on the forum in car template questions with vm.



    I Copied right from my vm software help section-

    Importing and Exporting File Types
    VinylMaster has been designed to import and export the most widely used and reliable interchangeable graphics formats which includes Adobe's Portable Document Format (.pdf), Illustrator (.ai) and Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) formats, all of which can be exported from the most popular software packages. Other than their popularity the main advantage of these formats, is that they maintain the artwork's original level of quality.

    VinylMaster also works with all the major bitmap/image formats such as .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .raw, .tif and .tga along with other popular formats such as .psd and .emf


  11. Im sending this info to craftedge to see what they say. and also on the forum they have for Scalps only .

    I Have scalps4pro but never played with the print features or contour cutting with reg marks. Never had the need for it yet but soon will be needing help with print and cut for jpss stuff... When i hear back from them i will post the info if this hasnt been resolved ..

  12. You should have a menu across the top in scalps..This is Scalps4pro screen shot.  I also checked my older scalps3pro and it has the menu tabs..You may have to go to here .

    And re download your version in the older version section part way down.  Try downloading the new demo version 4pro and see if the menu tab show up for you. You may have a bug .. The 4pro version works much better than 3 as well..