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  1. On 12/20/2017 at 1:58 PM, cardudenc said:

    if I'm not mistaken he is using a us cutter  stepper cutter, either a mh or sc. I showed him both VM and scalps4 yest. he was going to dn load the trial versions and see which he likes best

    Its a MH.

  2. On 5/27/2009 at 7:58 AM, godstrong1 said:

    what are the best places online to sell decal besides ebay? open discussion :lol:

    facebook. Now that they have setup a paying option in messages etc. Make an album with everything as needed, Post prices etc and then share and promote it ,Very worth the little money to do.. I have used the paying feature many times with people on there for other things.

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  3. So , on another forum im part of , the question came up " what psi are each of the numbers on the dial"?  Nobody could figure out what the conversion was till i contacted a Tech at Stahls.

    So for every dial number 1-9 on hotronix press  is 10 psi.

    1 = 10 psi

    2= 20 psi


    and so on....    

    The reason this came up was someone had bought some material and the specs for pressing was in psi.  And on hotronix they use #s 1-9. 

    Hope this helps anyone that ever got curious or didnt know.

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  4. So after checking out the file and talking with Newtovinyl on the phone .It has been found that there is a hidden image you couldnt see in vm even in wireframe view, Which is causing the issue for newtovinyl in Vm. Still trying to figure out why its doing this but When i open the file in VM  it was showing 3 visible colors and 1 you cant see.  the 3rd color was found by luck.   But in Ai CC there is actually 4 different colors.  Anyone have a thought on this strange ordeal.In the image below, Newtovinyl only sees the black and red in Vm . There is only supposed to be the Black and the Red colors. The others dont show up in Vm. The one color we found by luck  was a sliver of white that was in the S in the pirates in Vm .But in Vm its not showing the Grey or the blue ( which is what i made for reference only for you guys to see..This is their file sent to me. @cardudenc ?. Untitled.thumb.jpg.0a74c9efb4ad704a5c8d7c7e75d2a4d2.jpg


  5. Well i opened up the image in Ai and what i seen and found was possible extra cut paths unless those are supposed to be white but im not sure . Unless im not understanding what your trying to do with it. But here is a screen shot of the 3 colors separated and grouped and you notice the images selected in the middle around the grey area? These are extra cuts paths that i would remove if they are not supposed to be there, But like i said ,im not sure what your final outcome of cutting is supposed to be until i get more info . Send me a pm if you want and you can also call me as well if you need a more personal help on this..