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  1. Just now, mfatty500 said:

    We press at lower pressure to insure no marks on the jackets, you can try a little more if you'd like but not much more for us


    i can understand that with the marks , but i would be worried about not having enough for it to hold? but if you say a 3  which is no where near a firm pressure then i guess i will give it a go at 3 ? its a new press also .

  2. 11 minutes ago, mfatty500 said:

    we use a hotronix also we use around 3 so that we don't leave any marks on the jacket, hope this helps

    a 3? Isnt that way way less than what it says to use?  Now im really lost lol. i got the pressure info from a video from stahls on what each category for pressure meant . Lately on my siser stretch i have been using a 6  which i understand it to be a firm med pressure per catalog info. Oh boy...

  3. On 11/16/2017 at 12:50 PM, mfatty500 said:

    We press a shitload of these jackets, you can even get away with *315, just lighten up on the pressure a bit also so that you don't leave a mark from your heat press.

    Thank you bud. I use the hotronix fusion 16x20 press. And for my heatpress this is how they break up pressure for me in numbers.   1-3 is light pressure. 4-6 is medium pressure . 7-9 is firm pressure.

    And it says firm for the glitter which would be a pressure of 7 for me. and the siser stretch is med to firm which would be a 6-7 option?.


    I went and re looked at the pressure settings from siser and im confused i think or just mis-reading it. But when it says  MED-FIRM , does that mean for me If 7 is the starting point for my firm pressure and 9 is my heavy firm  pressure, would 8 be my med firm ? or would it mean its medium to firm pressure like 6-7?   I havent had any issues with previous designs but now im questioning myself ?   Thank you very much Bud.

  4. On 11/16/2017 at 2:07 PM, bikemike said:

    Yes, I know. This is an old thread, but just dealt with this guy.

    Ordered a bundle to be downloaded.

    Made an offer and he accepted. Payed with PayPal and got the download link in a couple of hours.

    All cool, the link was to something I did not want, did not order and never will. Nothing to do with what I ordered!

    All emails have been ignored and calls are not answered, or messages returned.

    Waiting for a complaint through PayPal and hope to get my money back.

    I know some have been happy with some of the stuff, and happy for you. But for me, NEVER AGAIN.

    Strange to have that issue. I have bought many many things from there and havent had an issue yet.

  5. 18 hours ago, Guest CALEB is pissed said:


    Ya sure cuts alot still needs to fix this issue, thats the only down fall i hated as far as i can remember lol. now I use ai to design in mainly with the arch feature etc 99%  and then use scalps for shadow and cutting., Perfect match and easy. I have played with Vm but still cant myself to like it yet.

  6. So i have a design that is going on a 100% poly jacket and im using siser glitter for the center design and siser stretch for the lettering around it, MY question is how would i go about pressing these on without ruining the other with different pressure and heat settings? Glitter i believe needed to be pressed at 320 for 20 secs ( im just guessing right now for example)  and siser stretch needs to be at 305 for 12-15 seconds. see image for example.Not scaled to true size.. Thank you everyone for your info.


  7. Thank you everyone for your thoughts etc..     

    Just an update. I came back to my hometown after being shortly away  and made some personal life changes as well, and im glad i did, It also allowed me to start my photography business back up and still do my vinyl work etc.,So i upgraded and added to my arsenal of new camera gear. Things are rolling good now . Guess some things happen for a reason when they do. Thanks again for your comments.

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  8. 3 hours ago, bikemike said:

    My opinion would be move the top text up to give the same space as the bottom text from the logo. probably help with the overall look.

    Thanks @bikemike-I understand that and that is what i was going to do, i was curious if the letter size is correct  for being on this size of jacket as being 1 1/2 inches tall ? I assumed it should be larger but i could be wrong .Just hoping for clarification on it.

  9. FIRST OFF - the design is rough draft, i know i need to space everything properly drop down etc. I just thru this together real quick..Busy day 

    , im just going after the letter size issue i dont like.............This is my first go round with this area on cheer jackets... So i have a cheer jacket im working on and i made a mockup design how they want it but not placed  and spaced yet. ,they like the overall design  etc .,But what i am having an issue with is the size of the letters are coming out to about 1 1/2 inches tall roughly .  Is there a standard letter size for doing these and how do i get larger and making it look right?. Whats killing my size is the overall length of CHAMPIONS that i can see. This is the font they want and the design in the middle .


      Any help will be awesome.. and pointers etc .100% poly   using glitter for the center design and siser stretch for the lettering.  Thank you again Pippin.



  10. cricut is a web based software only.the only way you are going to get access to them is if you save them export ( if it will anymore ) to your computer. I was a user of the cricut for awhile and it sucks for doing what your attempting ..they might have stopped it from being able to save things from your online cricut storage to your pc..