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  1. This is actually labeled as 4.063 but it is 4.064. Whats new? Here is the link. Fixed a problem with cutting with CAMEO 3 cropping off design Fixed a problem importing certain SVG files Fixed a problem with the Brush and Erase tools Fixed a problem with incorrect weed lines Fixed a problem with Cut Extras tab cutting rows/columns switched
  2. Material help on HTV

    So i have a design that is going on a 100% poly jacket and im using siser glitter for the center design and siser stretch for the lettering around it, MY question is how would i go about pressing these on without ruining the other with different pressure and heat settings? Glitter i believe needed to be pressed at 320 for 20 secs ( im just guessing right now for example) and siser stretch needs to be at 305 for 12-15 seconds. see image for example.Not scaled to true size.. Thank you everyone for your info.
  3. Material help on HTV

    Thank you bud. A real life saver....I would be willing to buy some info from you on this for what pressure and material etc you use for poly -poly cotton and so on.
  4. Material help on HTV

    i can understand that with the marks , but i would be worried about not having enough for it to hold? but if you say a 3 which is no where near a firm pressure then i guess i will give it a go at 3 ? its a new press also .
  5. Material help on HTV

    a 3? Isnt that way way less than what it says to use? Now im really lost lol. i got the pressure info from a video from stahls on what each category for pressure meant . Lately on my siser stretch i have been using a 6 which i understand it to be a firm med pressure per catalog info. Oh boy...
  6. Help cutting 3M 1080

    i cut my carbon fiber at the same as my 651 no issues with a 45*.
  7. 15” Titan or Titan 3??

    what about the titan 2 ? is it still for sale on there? awesome cutter.
  8. Material help on HTV

    Thank you bud. I use the hotronix fusion 16x20 press. And for my heatpress this is how they break up pressure for me in numbers. 1-3 is light pressure. 4-6 is medium pressure . 7-9 is firm pressure. And it says firm for the glitter which would be a pressure of 7 for me. and the siser stretch is med to firm which would be a 6-7 option?. I went and re looked at the pressure settings from siser and im confused i think or just mis-reading it. But when it says MED-FIRM , does that mean for me If 7 is the starting point for my firm pressure and 9 is my heavy firm pressure, would 8 be my med firm ? or would it mean its medium to firm pressure like 6-7? I havent had any issues with previous designs but now im questioning myself ? Thank you very much Bud.
  9. Avoid

    Strange to have that issue. I have bought many many things from there and havent had an issue yet.
  10. Can I arch text in Vinylmaster Cut?

    Ya sure cuts alot still needs to fix this issue, thats the only down fall i hated as far as i can remember lol. now I use ai to design in mainly with the arch feature etc 99% and then use scalps for shadow and cutting., Perfect match and easy. I have played with Vm but still cant myself to like it yet.
  11. Material help on HTV

    Thank you @mfatty500. i was really lost on this lol.. So next time i know .
  12. We are in the process of having to move not by choice.Our landlord has decided to sell since there is a huge drug house which also deals in stolen vehicles as well. And since the laws have no real punishment here anymore they keep doing it.All they get is a citation for having stolen property..Soooooo With me being Disabled from a job injury many years ago prevents me from having a normal daily hard working job like i used to,I have my good days and bad,Some days i can work my ass off but then need a break the next day. I do things i shouldnt but its in my blood to not ever give up even when it hurts but even tho i suffer the consequence the next day or so.. , Business hasnt been busy enough to consider livable income yet ,but it is slowly gaining ground , and we were not able to find a place to live, We have to move to a relatives house with plenty of room until we find a place .Business is coming with of course ,its what helps with bills and My girlfriend is in the medical field ( Medical Assistant) and has much more opportunities for work as for where we live there is none... . So we will be just east of Bakersfield,Ca. I hope something good happens for us. I guess im just looking for some prayers , cause if this falls thru then we have nothing to fall back on after this, and from there?, i dont even want to think about what that will be.. I hope nobody has to go thru what we are dealing with,Im trying to keep my headup and i regret getting injured but it wasnt my fault,I miss the hard work i did and miss.
  13. 24" cutter printer options?

    Is printing a for sure thing you are wanting to do or ? I thought i was needing to get a printer when i first started and 98% of everything i do ends up not being printed unless its a special thing from a customer that requires color blending or similar needs.
  14. Need a little prayer of hope from my friends

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts etc.. Just an update. I came back to my hometown after being shortly away and made some personal life changes as well, and im glad i did, It also allowed me to start my photography business back up and still do my vinyl work etc.,So i upgraded and added to my arsenal of new camera gear. Things are rolling good now . Guess some things happen for a reason when they do. Thanks again for your comments.
  15. 1st work post....Heat transfer repair

    nice job bud.
  16. Quote Calculator

    @carwash...the only one i have is it tells you what it costs YOU in just material only to make something ( width x length ) .( that includes vinyl and transtape) and now i have HTV on my list....... From there i just make my cost for selling for what i feel is fair and still make good money.Helps me a lot.. Send pm If interested.
  17. Keith's Kountry Krafts

    Wouldnt it be better if he joined the group instead of being just a guest? I think it would ..Might get better responses etc . just
  18. Design help question PLEEEASE - see images

    Thanks @bikemike-I understand that and that is what i was going to do, i was curious if the letter size is correct for being on this size of jacket as being 1 1/2 inches tall ? I assumed it should be larger but i could be wrong .Just hoping for clarification on it.
  19. FIRST OFF - the design is rough draft, i know i need to space everything properly drop down etc. I just thru this together real quick..Busy day , im just going after the letter size issue i dont like.............This is my first go round with this area on cheer jackets... So i have a cheer jacket im working on and i made a mockup design how they want it but not placed and spaced yet. ,they like the overall design etc .,But what i am having an issue with is the size of the letters are coming out to about 1 1/2 inches tall roughly . Is there a standard letter size for doing these and how do i get larger and making it look right?. Whats killing my size is the overall length of CHAMPIONS that i can see. This is the font they want and the design in the middle . Any help will be awesome.. and pointers etc .100% poly using glitter for the center design and siser stretch for the lettering. Thank you again Pippin.
  20. AI CC 2018 anyone use it yet?

    Anyone else like the new version ? Just got signed up with the new 2018 version on the cloud. I like the new features it has and upgrades, really like the new font preview feature they added.
  21. how to load straight

    If they have the 28" model you will get best results with all 3 pinch rollers to the right. Plus i never run my material that far over to the right either, I leave about 1-2 inches max past the far right roller. Any more will cause the material bunch up and cause that issue in the photo..
  22. how to load straight

    It will work on either ..
  23. transfer graphics

    cricut is a web based software only.the only way you are going to get access to them is if you save them export ( if it will anymore ) to your computer. I was a user of the cricut for awhile and it sucks for doing what your attempting ..they might have stopped it from being able to save things from your online cricut storage to your pc..
  24. Here is what my settings are. In scalps, when you use the text feature you have to go to TEXT and then convert text to outlines, From there you can scale it to the proper size you need it to be,Its just like in ai Its not a vector till you convert it..Im also sending a ticket to craftedge on this ..