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  1. New to HTV, questions.

    Hey everyone You l have helped me a ton, now I have another question. I am going to purchase some Siser Easy Weed. How does this cut compared to regular vinyl? Do I need to cut faster, slower, heavier, lighter? I know weeding can be a little more difficult. Is there anything special I need to know about? I'm going to buy a cheap eBay heat press with hat attachment. I am not making things to sell, just for personal use and to play with. What shirts and hats are good to press? What's a good source for shirts and hats?? Thanks everyone!
  2. Vinyl won't stick to transfer please

    I have and no luck
  3. Vinyl won't stick to transfer please

    The ends don't curl up at all. I did a sample cut to test this vinyl, and I mean the vinyl does not release from the backing paper. The vinyl just stays on the backing paper instead of sticking to the transfer tape.
  4. Hey everyone So I have someone who wanted a decal on glittery vinyl. Got some ordered and cut the design (very simple design), but the tape will not stick to the vinyl. The glitter vinyl is textured, almost like sandpaper, so i understand why it wont stick. I used the high tack clear uscutter tape, and high tack paper tape. I was thinking trying the paper tape with some hair spray on the tack side. What do you think? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Best application tape for Oracal 951 and 5600E

    I have some of this, but when I use it with 951, i can't seem to get the edges and corners of th4 tape to stick to the backing paper.
  6. Can someone who has experienced this confirm?

    I've done that few times and never had an issue.
  7. What are you all using for invoicing and receipts?

    Is that an app or a website?? And thanks for everyone's recommendations! I have looked at all of them and they're all great! I'm going to play with all of them to find the best solution for me.
  8. web design: wordpress / joomla plugin for decal design?

    Fancy product designer looks good to me. What is it missing that you are looking for? I can see it taking awhile to get it set up, but i see no reason why it wouldn't work for decals. The 2nd link you posted, if you were doing just text, it would work, but i think it would be a hassle to be honest. As for the boat link you supplied, to do one like that would be similar to your second link, but i don't see how you could add designs to it. I'll look around for you too.
  9. Work space?

    Mine is 4x6, but i wasn't counting the cutter in that since its on a stand.
  10. Work space?

    I don't have pictures at the moment, but i have a similar size workspace. One thing that I did, I got the flat clipboard clips and put them in a few spots on the edge of the workspace where I tape, it helps me keep some vinyl flat when it starts to roll when taping it. However, the rest of my workspace is unorganized. I need a bigger area.
  11. Hey everyone I'm having a little trouble with invoicing and receipts. I currently do not have a good way to make them. I don't have a store, I just work out of my house, so I don't need anything too in depth, just something to make basic invoices and receipts. If it keeps track of totals and paid invoices that would be good too, but not necessary. I need to be able to email and print them. Thanks for your ideas.
  12. web design: wordpress / joomla plugin for decal design?

    Do you have a website yet? I am working on a custom decal creator for mine currently. If you have a website, are you using Joomla, WordPress or what? For WordPress, you will not find a free plugin, but for Joomla, you may find a free module but it won't be good. If you know about coding, its basically just using the canvas in html5. And if you don't want to go through all of that, you can take the plugin that you did find and customize it through code if you know how. What plugin did you find already? Also, can you link to a boat name website so I can see what you're talking about for sure?
  13. I call BS...i don't think it will take him 5 minutes, I think it's good enough to use as Is! But then again, I didn't load the file on my pc. From the first 2 original images, I couldn't even figure out exactly what he was going for until you posted that
  14. Any trademark experts in here?

    Okay, so...there are state trademarks and there are federal trademarks. You can get a state trademark for under $200 usually. If your line has brought in some cash, try to trademark the saying in your state, see if it gets rejected or if you get it. However, there are alot of rules and regulations when it comes to trademarks. I dont believe that phrase can be trademarked because it's too generic. Think about it...have you ever read a book, or seen something in TV where someone says ...i just want to go to sleep, or I just want to drink a beer, etc. He's not getting paid when they say that. It's too generic. Ask him if it's a state or federal trademark and ask him to see it so your lawyer can examine it (you're lying here but he doesn't have to know that). I would call his bluff, but be nice about it.
  15. fastfood logo

    And I like that the cow and chicken are not proportionate in size to one another. A small chicken or a big cow wouldn't work. I'm glad you did it like you did, I wouldn't change a thing.