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  1. Corndwg01

    UFOs Are Real

    Any idea who owns it? A Google image search turned up lots of hits for that exact same image, but I don't know who created the original logo.
  2. Corndwg01

    UFOs Are Real

    Does anyone have a copy of this?
  3. I'm still pretty new to Flexi and vinyl cutting. I do most of my designing Inkscape because it's what I'm used to. One thing I have a problem with and haven't figured out how to solve is cutting a stroke width. In Inkscape if I draw a line and give it a "fat" stroke, when I open the file in Flexi, it looks correct, but when I cut, it only cuts a single line through the middle of the stroked line. How can I get it to cut the size of the "fat" stroke?