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  1. Thanks I will keep my eyes peeled. If only I were an artist I could print on vinyl and make amazing things.
  2. You are right. I work very hard. I probably earn $18/hr but I work many hours and my work pace has to be top notch. When I find a more profitable product I will jump on it.
  3. You probably do signs that are reasonable size. The average size of my decals are about 3"x3". Sign purchases are rare.
  4. Also it was mentioned that I am getting a lot of scraps.... I actually cut out the scraps in advance in certain widths so when orders come in I have the right size for the job and 1/4 inch on either side of the scrap of waste. It works out . The scraps have 1 inch increments that range from 2.5" to 6.5" in width. Its probably uncommon but it works for me
  5. What speed would you recommend for intricate small designs for your graphtec?
  6. Thanks for all the info you mentioned but the above is what I want to focus on. I also have a TC. What is your method for getting a scrap lined up in your TC? When I hit reset on my TC it does not do the back and forth vinyl motion that my MH and SC cutter do.
  7. Oh and while I am here... I have noticed that straight lines cut very quickly with my USCutter machines (all happen to have stepper motors), while curved lines go about 1/3rd the speed. Is this also the case with whatever servo motor machine you have? (Leaving the name of the machine out in case other people want to weigh in)
  8. USCutter says that in late September they will be coming out with a Titan 3, which will have servo motors in even the desktop version and will be a lot closer to what Graphtec offers. They say that if a Graphtec has issues they are unable to help with much other than troubleshooting and of course on their own machines they can do much more. Also they say that the Titan 2 reset works like I am used to for lining up vinyl so likely the Titan 3 will be the same. In your opinion, should I wait a month to really look at what they have to offer or just go ahead and get the Graphtec?
  9. Thanks! How easy is it to quickly line up scraps accurately? I cut out probably about 100 scraps of vinyl daily so I just want to be sure.
  10. I am considering purchasing a GraphTec CE6000-40 or -60. I tend to mostly cut small things and need a way to quickly line up scraps. Does this model allow you to quickly line up scraps? The great thing about my USCutter machines is on most of them you can hit "reset" and the vinyl will quickly feed forward and backward so you can eyeball the staightness. Any help is appreciated!