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    Got keyspan worked once and now it's not

    Yes, cutter is grounded.It's been grounded since its out of the box. Had my husband check it just in case and he said it was fine. Got it to working after I found another post saying to disable antivirus and turn off all programs running in the back round. Then, tried one more time just to be sure before I put in vinyl and it went crazy again. Smaller stuff it cuts absolutely fine. I separated the design and cut only the word cake pop it cut fine. Then cut the word Oh Lollipop, cut perfect. Tried it together and it messes up. It's not extremely complex or detailed.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I have been reading the forums for a few months now. Bought the mh series cutter for a hobby. Had some good times and some bad! When I first got it the motherboard was bad. USCutter replaced it no problem. Then the carriage was off track I fixed that. Had some cutting problems here and there. Now the problems are pretty much all the time. It will turn and slice. Stop mid cut and slice through. Got a huge roll of paper and used the pen to test designs before wasting a ton of vinyl. Then bought the keyspan adaptor. It worked amazing the first time! So naturally, I decide to try same design a second time and it's back to it's old tricks! Turned it off and tried again. Well now it's doing something new. Display reads Test.... and then it just moves material back and forth about 15 times. When it stopped I sent design to cut again and it will say Test.... and move material back and forth a bunch of times and it will not even attempt to cut design. Any help will be greatly appreciated since it's Saturday and also a holiday weekend! Melissa