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  1. I have a 24" Laser Point vinyl cutter bought in 2009 and has about an hour of cutting time on it. I keep it covered but power cord plugged in. It looks brand new. I am a hobbyist sign maker and a real estate investor. I fire it up about once a year on as standalone XP PC connected with a serial cable and am using the SignBlazer software. Last time I tried to cut, the cutter froze with just a blip of a jerk of the motor. The panel is frozen until I reboot, and then the same thing happens. Now it won't even usually boot up, but has black rectangles on the first line of the display. Once in a while it would boot but after moving the cutter with the panel arrows, it would freeze up and not go on line or off line. I've been told by USCutter that it's not supported any longer. I opened it up and can't find any burned components on the control boards mounted in the base. I was hoping for an electronics repair place to save the day. Any ideas where to start or do I dump this hardly used boat anchor in the recycling bin and shop for another $300 small cutter? I'm not seeing any prospective units on CL or Ebay. Is there an old unit that shops don't use anymore that would be good to search for that would last longer than an hour? Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. tomcyr

    Laser Point 2 won't always boot up and freezes

    It is FIXED! I used the drop-kick method to get her to self test for an hour before I pulled the plug. When I started her back up, everything worked as normal. I actually didn't have to complete the "Kick" part of the repair, just the "Drop." She is her old self again. Must be a loose component or cold solder joint somewhere. Glad it's operational again. I have some signs to make! Thanks members for your help. And yes, it is unplugged from both the power cord as well as the serial cord.
  3. tomcyr

    Laser Point 2 won't always boot up and freezes

    I got it to boot up and ran the test cycle - without vinyl. I rubberbanded the blade head up after 15 minutes of it running. It's still running after 20 min. How long does this test take? Very Strange!
  4. tomcyr

    Laser Point 2 won't always boot up and freezes

    Likewise, I didn't find any loose wires inside. It doesn't show any Creation stickers either. Only USCutter on the panel.