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  1. So my motherboard went out on my Copam. It is the older style without USB. I had the bright idea that I would upgrade to the new motherboard that has the USB. I knew that I would have to create an opening in the case and holder, but that's what a Dremel is made for. I went to install the motherboard today and they don't have the same connection points. Some are the same - X and Y motor connections, power, LCD, Keyboard - but some are not the same at all. The old motherboard had a three pin connection beside the X motor connection and a two pin connection beside the Y motor connection. Those are not on the new motherboard. The new motherboard has a three pin at the front of the board and two connection on either side of the media sensor (both two pins). One two pin connection says fan and the other says Senson_Cotron. Here's an image of the new board from UsCutter's PDF on the new board (which is slightly different from the actual board): So I checked the leads out of the two pin connection beside the Y motor connection and it leads to this item: Can anyone tell me what the circled item is? Could it be the fan (fingers crossed)? Better yet, does anyone have a schematic of the old motherboard and what the connections are? I can upload pictures of the actual new board and the old board if necessary. I called support but the guy was of little help. He did seem willing to take the board back - since it hasn't been installed - but I would like to see this through now. However, if it's going to brick the cutter I'll see about sending it back and sticking with the old board. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks, Clay
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    Which Printer

    Some of you have helped me with my Copam that I'm having difficulty with. I've been looking around and I'm thinking about upgrading. Given the choice of a Graphtec FC7100-100 (with rms feature) and a Roland GX24, which would you purchase and why?
  3. Thanks KYSIGN, I've looked for bulging capacitors but none were apparent. Not sure how to check for a burnt MOSFET but I'll look it up. Thanks for the advice.
  4. $150 is indeed stiff for a motherboard. I'm thinking about trying to repair the existing motherboard. I contacted support but they couldn't provide me a schematic of the motherboard. What are the chances of finding one?
  5. Okay, spoke to support and the verdict is........bad motherboard. He had my change the head motor controller on the motherboard with the grit roller controller and the grit rollers stayed on and the head motor would not work. Pretty clever solution. So the questions become 1) is this cutter worth investing $160 in for a new motherboard or should I just buy a more durable unit (I don't use this for a living, just as a hobby) and if it is worth investing money in, 2) should I buy the motherboard with an USB port (my machine doesn't currently have one) and modify the casing with a Dremel tool (I do pretty well with a Dremel) so I have the USB option?
  6. Does anyone know if USCutter sells parts for the Copam 2500 or would it be better to just buy a new one?
  7. Thanks slice&dice and dakotagrafx. I will call support tomorrow to see if they can assist. I'm torn between the two option you discussed, the motherboard not telling it to engage and the motor being bad. I'll return and report.
  8. Now i'm wondering if it isn't the motor that runs the grit rollers: There are four wires running in to the motor. Does anyone know the color scheme for the wires and what voltage they are?: My thoughts are maybe to splice the wires to see if there is any input coming in to the motor when the cutter is activated. If there is, see if I can get the motor to spin with an external voltage. It's interesting, when the cutter is off the rollers spin freely; when I turn the cutter on, the rollers are tight and hard to rotate. Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. Okay, took off the side cover and the belt is fine: I can rotate the grit rollers by turning the belt by hand without any issues. It's like the cutter isn't telling the vinyl to advance. Is there a way to advance the vinyl with the keypad? Or, maybe the head isn't "seeing" the vinyl so it's not advancing it? Could that be possible even when I try a test cut on the keypad?
  10. I'm very unfamiliar with the Copam, what side is the belt on? I can turn them by hand, but it's not easy.
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    need a little vectorizing

    Nice work ScarKrow. Looks like you have it handled.
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    need a little vectorizing

    How much are you paying? You need it color separated? You want the black background?
  13. They don't attempt to spin at all. It's like they are somehow turned off.
  14. Hello All, I have a Copam 2500 that has been working fine on Oracal. I put some Easyweed in and tried to cut a test cut. At first it did okay. However, as I was trying to get the speed, pressure and offset correct it quit advancing the vinyl. It now won't advance the vinyl when I try to measure, perform a test cut or a regular cut. Anyone have any idea what may be wrong? Thanks, Adam